WinPure Clean & Match Data Cleansing Tool For Clean Data

For an organization to work for its customers it is of utmost necessary to have a proper data management system. If the information available to them is scattered and not properly organized the company will not be able to come in contact with their targeted audiences and hence lead to failure. Improper management affects productivity and leads to failure. WinPure Data Cleansing and Data matching software is the ultimate solution for it. The tool cleans the unnecessary data, correct and matches it to corresponding files, and standardizes it to look in perfect order. This standardized data can be used as input to get effective results.

This advanced software works as the best data cleaning tools in excel, databases, mailing lists, and CRM’s. Its powerful data profiling tool scans the file components and helps to clean, correct, and transform data into meaningful information. The software looks at the entries made in a file and then runs its algorithm which merges the duplicate entries, cleans the data extracted from these entries, and standardizes it in rows and columns. It fixes the spelling errors, removes blank spaces, and organized the same type of data in the required format. The Winpure data cleaning tool optimizes data for companies using Hadoop, Big Data saving their valuable time and money.

Why Go For WinPure Data Cleansing Tools?

  • Fully optimized the unorganized data and view it in an accurate format
  • As it is locally stored, there is no harm to data security
  • Globally recognized for its best in class data cleaning and matching
  • Highly rated by industry experts
  • The tool is very easy to Use

WinPure achieves so much accuracy and cleans the duplicate data by its 7 section method. The tool is divided into 7 sections that look at different types of fields in a file. If the user has set some filters and edit the settings to cleanse data, these settings can be saved and then apply to the same set of the data type. With just one click, the tool will function as per the set configurations and present it in a standard format. This helps users to achieve high productivity and they save a lot of time.

How WinPure Data Cleaning-Matching Tool Handle So much data?

Several readers must be thinking about how such a large amount of data in terabytes is handled by this software. Well, WinPure has an in-memory architecture which makes its search, clean and match engine faster than other tools. The tool consists of a sophisticated data mining engine that finds the exact match of duplicated items and previews them in a software window with different colors. The highlighted colors can be used to

  • Merge Records
  • Delete Un-necessary entries
  • Update the previously saved records
  • Or Export/ Email results

What Other Qualities WinPure Clean Match Tool Have?

Clean & Match Data from Several Files: WinPure Data Cleansing and Matching Software instantly scan and identifies the import & export files/ database files/ CSV/XLS/XML/SQL Server/ Oracle/ MySQL/ MS Access/ MS Azure to the huge data warehouse and big data systems.

Customize Word Manager: As most of the duplicates and files created are due to word errors, spelling mistakes, the WinPure Data Cleansing tool allows users to create their own word dictionary and with spelling checkers. The dictionary can be created in any language supported by the tool. Save these settings and then use Word Manager to correct, replace, delete, count the number of words, and extract them.

Smart Matching Engine: Another component of the WinPure tool is IDME (Intelligent Data Matching Engine). This smart engine identifies the duplicate entries and matching words in databases, spreadsheets, mailing list, and then merge them to create a meaningful entry.

Split Name/ Address and Gender Details: If there is an entry as Mr. John Cena WAR in an excel sheet, then the WinPure Data Cleaning and Data Matching Software can split it among Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name columns. Moreover, with its powerful formatting control, multiple names in the same field can be separated individually.

Data Profiling/ Statistics: Once the added file and entries it is examined by the WinPure Data Clean/ Match tool the Data Profiling/ Statistics section checks the quality of data. The entries will be listed in the tool which will correct and prepare them for data matching.

Organizations working with a large set of numbers, and using Big Data, Hadoop find WinPure Data Cleaning and Data Matching tool extremely useful as it organizes the data in perfect order by saving valuable time and gets the correct output.

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