DataMatch Software for Data Cleaning by Data Ladder

Data is the most important asset on a digital network. Enterprises and Mid-size organizations using Hadoop and Big Data technologies deal with extensive data in their day to day life. Various accurate results are derived from such a large amount of data, but if this data is not managed properly it will give wrong results causing the organization a huge loss. Data Match Software from Data ladder is the best approach to get most out meaningful data and to cleanse it. This single software performs various actions including data cleansing, data matching and de-duplication.

A comprehensive tool to meet the organizational needs Data match software removes the duplicates and shows it in a standard way. The data matching tool excepts all types of files from MS Excel, Databases and CRM’s. It’s Quick Data Profile tool finds the errors in data and fixes it with-in minutes of installation for better data management.

DataMatch Software Accepts Following File Types

  • All Types of MS Excel File
  • TXT (Text) and CSV (Comma Separated Volumes) Files
  • Oracle and MySQL File
  • Files in ODBC and SQL Server

The software defeats the matching accuracy and data cleansing speed of its competitors like IBM/ SAS and is a leading record linkage software that enables to create data warehouses. DataMatch tool gives best in class data cleansing, standardization and matching software making it a complete data optimization tool.

Features of DataMatch Software

Fast Data Optimization Speed: The software has proprietary matching algorithms that identify the data objects and items in the file and process it in a high-speed manner giving accurate results. This makes it one of the leading fastest data processing software.

Data Cleansing: Irregular entries confuse the tool using it. The purpose for which data is collected dissolves if it does not get process correctly. The DataMatch Cleansing Tool makes a quick search and removes bad entries from the file. It’s search engine process the files with millions of records that are able to handle big data and give accurate results.

Match Data from Various Sources: Data entries made in the file at various columns are identified by the DataMatch tool and it does semantic matching for unstructured data. The software combines similar entries in one group and remove the duplicates, creates same format of file and unify records.

Remove Duplicates: Files scanned by DataMatch tool from Data ladder performs de-duplication and merge/purge within and across number of files to get data in a standard form. It saves the settings of the user and these can be loaded again to make similar changes thereby sparing the valuable time of the organization.

The DataMatch tool offers many other advantages that detect the phonetic, miskeyed, words and removes them making it in a standard form. The software comes with an API that automatically runs the daily maintenance and organized all the files properly so that users can offer their time to other important activities. Find and link customer data, consolidate data to multiple sources instantly to enhance marketing and mailing performance.

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