Fixing the Drive Error Code 0146 With Manual Techniques

What makes the system run is the hard-drive and OS install in it. Hard-drives stores the entire data and is the device that contains all the files and applications required to run a system. The OS and drivers that co-ordinate with the system hardware are also present in the hard-drive so, this is the most crucial part of a computer. If the hard-drive is not maintained properly then it creates problem with system and shows error message like hard-drive error code 2000-0146.

The error significantly affects the read/ write operations. It affects the normal working of your system and data on the drive. The symptoms of the hard drive error code involve unexpected system shutdown and freezing or hanging problem while executing any task. Thus the error code 2000- 0146 must be solved immediately to avoid data loss.

The cause of drive error in Windows is not specific and it depends on several factors. These factors involve system file error, driver error, BIOS error. So here are some tips by which you can easily solve the hard drive error code 2000 0146.

Run the System File Checker Tool

You can fix the system file error by running the SFC scan. If there is some minor problem in the system files then use the SFC command. This is an inbuilt tool by which you can fix the hard-drive errors with the command tool.

Proper steps should be followed in order to resolve the hard-drive system file errors in Windows.

  • Go to Start and type CMD in the search bar
  • Now right click on the ‘Command Prompt’ icon and run it as administrator
  • The command prompt window will open
  • Type the command SFC/ scannow and then hit the enter button
  • The action will prompt the tool to scan any damage or corrupt system files
  • It will repair the damaged files. If some files are not found then it will prompt to insert the OS installation media like CD/ DVD that comes with the laptop, computer. So, insert the CD and move system files.
  • Restart the system and check the error is resolved or not.

BIOS Settings Not Set Properly

Most of the time the problem is not with the applications but with the BIOS files. Misconfigurations in the BIOS/ Firmware settings is also the cause of hard- drive error 0146. To repair this error follow the given steps:

  • Restart the system and before the window icon appear, keep pressing F2 to launch the BIOS settings screen
  • Browse to the options with arrow keys and then select the option ‘Setup Defaults’ or ‘Reset to Defaults’
  • This will change all the settings and factory reset the system settings without losing the data.

Clean Boot with Safe Mode

Running system in Safe Mode starts it with only basic functions disabling the drivers and other utilities. So, to prevent any error message remove printer, wifi adapter or modem. Follow the below-given steps

  • Turn off the system and Restart it again
  • Immediately press the power button by F8 or F11 key as per system settings
  • You will see Advanced Boot options on the screen, browse via arrow keys
  • Click on Safe Mode with networking and then click on the Enter
  • Login and press the Window+ R button
  • Type msconfig and then click on the OK button
  • The system configuration utility window will open, click on the General tab
  • Select the option ‘Selective Startup’ and uncheck ‘Load startup items’
  • Move to ‘services tab’ and then check mark ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’
  • Disable all the option and restart the system

You can easily fix the hard drive error 0146 by above technique. But if this does not work out then use the Window Data Recovery Software. This tool resolves all the errors that a window computer is facing. The tool starts by scanning all the files in windows and if any damaged file is found then it repairs the file. An amazing feature of the Windows data recovery software is that it can recover the deleted files easily. The Window data recovery software scans the files in a fast manner and recovers them swiftly. Moreover, it gives the system a fresh set of files that are causing hard-drive error 0146. You can download the Window data recovery software and fix hard- drive errors.

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