Disable Office 365/ 2016 Notification Using Registry and GPO

Upgrading an application is always useful as it gives the application advanced features and improve the performance, however, it is not always the same, many times when an application is updated it becomes incompatible with the device and causes error. But, here the most annoying thing is notifications that pop up while working on a task. Notification often distracts the mind and affects the productivity.

Another disadvantage of notification is that if the user accidentally click on them, then it becomes difficult to terminate as it might affect system files. Some updates takes hours and create interference during work. So, it is good to disable the Office 356 notifications. This can be done via Registry editor, window settings and GPO (Group Policy).

How to Disable GET THE NEW OFFICE Notification Using Registry Editor

  • Go to Start and type run to open Run window
  • Type regedit to launch the Registry Editor, or click on Window Key + R
  • When the Registry Editor opens browse to the path
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\office\15.0\common\officeupdate. Here replace 15.0 as per your Office version.
  • Under the Office Update enter the subkey with default value
  • “enableautomaticupgrade”=dword:00000000”
  • This will disable the notification for MS Office upgrade.

Remove Office Upgrade Notification via GPO

Windows Users also have the option to disable notification via GPO i.e. Group Policy. But this option is limited to 365 pro plus or business users

disable office 365 updates gpo

  • Go to start and type group policy in search bar
  • Now select the option Group policy editor then Computer configuration
  • Expand it to Administrative Templates>> then Microsoft Office 2013 and then Updates
  • You will see ‘Enabled Automatic Upgrade’ option
  • Select this option, choose disabled and then Apply.

Fix Office 365/ 2016 Notification with Easy Fix tool

You can disable the office upgrade notifications with Easy Fix tool

disable office 2016 update registry

  • This application based interface gives you several option to repair the Window file and make changes to system files.
  • Download the Easy Fix tool from Microsoft website
  • Now run the tool and then checkmark ‘Apply Repairs Automatically’
  • Click on next to fix window errors and select the option to disable notifications after scan.

So, these are the top 3 methods to disable Office upgrade notification in Windows.

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