Create Contact Group or Distribution List in Outlook 2016 and Send Mails to Group Members

Microsoft always tends to improve features in Outlook to make it more user efficient. One of that feature is sending mail to multiple persons in one go through contact groups or officially called distribution list. This feature in Outlook avoids writing email address for a single message while sending mail. Today we will learn how to send mails in contact groups or distribution list for Outlook 2016.

When we need to send mail to different persons in Outlook we add the email address each time, which seems quite annoying. But Outlook has a feature through which you can send mail in a contact group. If you are working on a same project or has a friends group, then send message to group members without adding name every time.

Steps to Create Contact Group in Outlook 2016

    • First Open Outlook in your system
    • In the Navigation bar click on 2 people icon

create contact group in outlook 2016

    • Now it will ask you where to add contact group under My Contacts
    • You can choose folder or e.g. Click on contacts
    • Go to Home and then select New Contact group
    • Name your group and then Add members

add members in outlook

  • Select members from contact list to whom you frequently send mails like Project team, Friends group.
  • Finally Click on Save and Close.

Now you have successfully created the group in Outlook. Next we will look how to send mail to this group in a one go.

How to send mail to contact group or distribution list in Outlook 2016.

  • Open Outlook and click on New
  • Select Email Message option. The Email Window will open
  • In the To field,  type the name of your contact group. Double click to select it.
  • Compose your message and click Ok.
  • Your message will be sent to all the members added in group.

So in this way you can save your time and inform the concerned persons with a single mail without adding each name when you need to send a message. Hope you find this useful. For more Outlook and Email tips and tricks keep reading our blog.


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