Top 3 Ways to Solve Outlook Connected Account Issues- POP

One of the most amazing feature of Outlook is that it allows you to add other accounts from different mail applications. You can add your Gmail, Yahoo, GoDaddy and other POP email clients in Outlook. In brief you can access many accounts on a single application. Sometime due to server problem or password problem these connected POP accounts create issues and affects the normal working of Outlook. Today we will learn Top 3 methods to Solve Connected POP Accounts Issues.

We face these problems due to problem in connected Account’s server, password problem or any other update. To Troubleshoot these issues we will discuss some of the best methods by which we can resolve these problems.

Method 1: Manage Password Settings of Connected POP Accounts

  • Go to login portal and sign in with your credentials
  • Now click the gear icon or go to settings and click on Connected Accounts
  • A new window will open with list of connected accounts to Outlook
  • The Accounts having issue should have an Update failed sign next to it.
  • Select the Account and Edit it
  • Update the Account Password and save it. The Failed sign will change to Pending Update
  • After sometime Pending Update will modify to Up-to-date and the problem will be solved. You can restart Outlook and Check for the same.

Method 2: Change Settings of Email Provider

Some time any update or change in security settings or mail server settings causes problems in Outlook connected accounts. They might have blocked connection to other server. Unblock these settings by visiting Email Server of Connected Accounts like Gmail, Yahoo

Method 3: Change POP Account to IMAP Account

IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) is much better than POP (Post Office Protocol). It provides better facilities than POP supporting rich media transfer and synchronize with devices.

  • Sign in to
  • Go to Connected Accounts and select the POP account in which you are having problem.
  • Remove the linked POP Account
  • Add this Account again to with settings as given.
  • The Account should be added under the ‘Choose where the imported email will be stored section’ with option ‘Create a new folder for imported email, with subfolders’ like the account you connect.

In this way you can solve the Outlook POP Connected Accounts as per the problem you are facing. But be cautious while changing the settings both in Outlook and other accounts. Hope you find this helpful.

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