Top 3 Free Tools to Fix Outlook issues

Microsoft MS Office comes with Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, MS Access and other major applications that work as a complete Office Package. It has all the applications that an organization needs to carry out their work. MS Outlook is one such application that has become an email client for many users worldwide. With lots of features offered by Outlook, it requires to be maintained properly else we get in trouble. Here are Top 3 Free Tools to fix Outlook Issues.

PST file is an important part of Outlook and to fix this we can use ScanPST.exe tool. To Repair Outlook and other applications of MS Office we can use Microsoft’s OffCAT. In addition we will learn how to repair SQL database with Microsoft Exchange Studio express. So these free tools can be used to fix outlook problems.

Top 3 Free Outlook Repair Tools

1. ScanPST.exe: Ever wondered where all your Outlook data is stored. Personal Storage Table (PST) is the file which saves all the email, messages, attachments, notes of Outlook. PST might get corrupt due to its oversize, any virus or inappropriate file structure. All these issues can be solved with ScanPST.exe. You can scan corrupt PST file with scanpst.exe and get a proper error free PST file. This tool scans the pst file after collecting errors it repairs the PST. You can scan PST file twice or more. An alternative of PST is PST Repair Tool. This software makes the PST recovery process easy and simple.

2. offCAT: Expanded as Microsoft Office Configuration Tool (OffCAT) this free software from Microsoft scans your system required for the configuration of MS office and repair errors. If the Outlook error persists due to system problem, the OffCAT tool looks for the error and repair it accordingly. You can download it from Microsoft Website offCAT Download Link

3. EseUtil and Isinteg tools: Outlook files are stored on Mail Exchange server, local computer or both. If there is a major problem in Outlook it could be from server side and it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further risk. EseUtil.exe and Isinteg.exe are free tools that can be used to recover files from Exchange Server and restore data from database. Eseutil recovers files from database (mail server) and then Isinteg run integrity check to ensure complete recovery.

These are some free tools that can be used to solve outlook problems. You can check about how to use these tools in this blog.

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