sqlite database recovery

Systools SQLite Database Recovery

Ultimate solution to all SQLite Database problems, now retrieve lost / deleted files and repair corrupt database efficiently with SQLite Database Recovery Tool from Systools.

  • Recover all Database objects with key constraints
  • Retrieve Accidentally deleted files from SQLite
  • Preview recoverable items and Search Option
  • Save Recovered File in .DB and SQLite format
  • Compatible with Major SQLite Versions
  • Find Database Components
  • Support Windows Operating System

Features of Systools SQL Database Recovery

MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, there are so many database platforms available but the administrators choose only what fits the requirements, so as a smart user Database administrators should try the tool that specifically recovers the SQLite database files. Systools SQLite Database recovery software covers all the needs and save database from corruption by resolving the errors in advance.

Retrieve Deleted SQLite Files

The most basic quality of database is that with a single query user can insert large amount of data and delete it too, so if you accidentally deleted the contents from SQLite then recover it with SQLite Database Repair Software. The tool gives seperate option to recover deleted and corrupted components from the database.

Recover All Database Components

For a database to work as a whole, it is necessary to have all the database components. Systools SQLite Database Recovery recover all the these components including tables, records, indexes, views, triggers, primary keys, foreign keys and it also retrieves pre-defined default values in database.

File Recovery From Rough situations

Database files may get corrupy due to several reasons. It is possible to get back files with some mahual techniques but recovery of files is not possible in case of virus attack, unexpected system shutdown, abrupt closing of database and media read error. In such situations you will require Systools SQLite database software.

Find Database Objects

The SQLite database recovery software has the 'Find' option, this makes it easy for users to search the desired file for recovery. Just type the file name and click on search and components will be displayed on screen, the search can be narrow down by 'Exact Match' feature.

Preview Database Objects

Systools SQLite Database Recovery tool scans the components and then display the recoverable items from the database. It gives users the idea which files are repaired and ready for recovery. If the desired file is not found, the search the name in 'Find'option. The items are displayed in three pane window with folders and sub folders.

Save Files in .DB or .SQLite Format

Another interesting feature of Systools SQLite database recovery tool is its saving options. When the files are fully recovered, then users can save it in .DB or .SQLite format. The .DB format will be useful if you want to migrate to SQL AnyWhere Database.

Get Log Report

The software keep tracks of all the activities performed from start to finish, total time taken in recovery, number of items recovered, and files repaired. This gives the option to view these files as when wanted and analyze the migration process. Save the log report at any desired location.

Easy to Use Interface

Systools SQLite Database Recovery software has interactive user interface. Even a beginner in database recovery can use it without any difficulties. The tool has buttons that instruct users what to do, so it becomes extremely easy to use it.


Systools SQLite Database Recovery tool is compatible with large database or SQLite files of SQLite3 and it can be installed on Windows OS 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP. Drop us a mail to get the trial copy of the software.


Standard Version


  • Repair large SQLite Database
  • Can install on multiple systems
  • Bulk Conversion
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Export to MS Access MDB file
  • Export to SQL MDF database
  • Export to other database using DSN
  • Use Code FRT2020 for 20% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on user query we have sorted out common question asked while using SQLite Database Recovery Tool