DBF Repair

DBF Repair Tool

Kernel for Database Repair is a professional tool to recover deleted records, DBF files and other database components.

  • Fix All the Database File Errors in minutes
  • Recover DBF files in Batches
  • Preview your DBF files without any error
  • Recover the table structure and table data quickly
  • Repair the Database Files with memo or binary data
  • Capable to get back database from damaged hard-disk
  • Recover the table structure and table data quickly
  • Rename DBF files while saving
  • Works with DBF file created using FoxBase, dBase, Sybase

Features of DBF Repair Tool

Database is the vital part of an application, without a database it is impossible to run the application. That’s why it is necessary for organizations hire Database Administrators for their management. DBA continuously run the maintenance task and backup database to avoid issues but there are some external factors which result in database corruption and loss of DBF file. Kernel for Database Repair is the tool that can repair the severely damaged database and recover lost/ deleted DBF files. With advanced DB tools it starts its work and give quality rich DB files after recovery. Recover deleted records, DBF files and other components easily with this amazing software.

Fix DBF File Errors

If the items in the DBF file are not present then it will generate errors and Kernel for Database Recovery software easily fixes the issues like files in the table did not match entries or table has become corrupted, file ‘table.dbf’ does not exist, ‘Table has become corrupted’ and ‘Access to table disabled due to previous error’. The tool easily removed these errors and bring database to normal state.

Recover DBF Database from Corrupt Hard disk

Kernel DBF file recovery software gives the advantage to recover Database files (DBF) from corrupt database. The software runs its scanning engine on the drive and look for files with .dbf extension. It collects the information and then store them at desired location on other device.

3 Easy Steps for File Recovery

Kernel DBF recovery software gives its users the minimal user interaction with maximum output. Add the damaged DBF file then click on repair and after that save the recovered DBF file. So, in 3 easy steps the corrupt DBF files are repaired and recovered by the Kernel database tools.

Preview Files Before Saving

Recover only those files which you want instead of the whole file recovery. Kernel database recovery software preview lost data before saving. The tool also recovers lost, formatted and accidentally deleted data from database. The database is designed with algorithm that looks in different folder of the database and list the files that were deleted, lost or removed by errors. Select the files from these categories and restore them to database.

Recovery With Binary Fields

As the working process of database it store memo and binary data fields in DBT and FPT files. The content from these files can be used to repair corrupt DBF files in minutes. Without the need of a technician the Kernel data recovery software enables end-users to make changes to database and get their files back.

Batch File Recovery

Oracle Database Recovery is versatile software; therefore, it is capable to recover databases created using Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g. However, before you start the recovery process, you should create a blank database. This blank database can be selected during the recovery process to save all the recovered data inside it.

Multi-database Platform Support

The DBF file recovery software is not limited to single database application, it can easily recover and repair files created using FoxBASE, dBase, Sybase, MS Visual Fox Pro and many more.

Easy to Use

The software has an rich user interface that has tools to manage the DBF file efficiently. It works on a DIY (DO it Yourself) principle and make it easy to recover and convert DBX files.

Trial Version

Download the free trial version of Kernel DBF Repair Tool to preview of all the recoverable database objects. Drop us a mail to get trial version of Oracle database Repair Tool.




  • Lifetime validity
  • Single System
  • Recover Unlimited DBF Files
  • Use Code FRT10 for 10% Off



  • Lifetime validity
  • Multiple System Multiple Locations
  • Recover Unlimited DBF Files
  • Use Code FRT10 for 10% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on user query we have sorted out common question asked while using Kernel DBF Repair Software