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Access to MySQL Converter

Compatible, Reliable and Easy to use Database Converter for Error Free File Migration. Preview Files and move selected data items to MySQL

  • Efficient Transfer of Access to MySQL
  • Move Password Files from MS Access
  • Move All MS Access Tables at Once
  • Add Database Views from Access to MySQL
  • Save Converted Records at Desired Place
  • Support all Data Types and Values
  • Export Data maintaining the Table Structure
  • Compatible with Major Version of MS Access
  • Support All MySQL versions

Features of DRPU MS Access to MySQL Converter

Database keeps data in the form of tables, indexes, views and records these are used by the application to fetch data when a query is executed. However, the compatibility of the database depends upon the application on which it is used. MS Access Database is not used by much development software’s and programmers considered MySQL. If the data and records are to be shifted from MS Access to MySQL then one will require DRPU MS Access to MySQL Database Converter. Compatible, Reliable and Easy to use it exports all the database components to MS Access securely without any loss.

Complete Database Transfer

DRPU MS Access to MySQL Database converter moves all the database components like table, views, indexes, keys, values and other data from MS Access database to MySQL. All the database records are moved to MySQL in a manner that they can be directly used by the application.

Transfer Encrypted Files

Database Administrators are afraid of whether the password-protected files will be exported or not, the DRPU MS Access to MySQL converter remove this stress and move the encrypted files to desired MySQL location. The software asks for the password at the start, which authenticates the user and it imports files.

File Transfer Without Loss

DRPU MS Access to MySQL Database converter ensures that the items exported to MySQL do not lose their quality because if a single file is missing from the record it will result in database corruption. DRPU database converter maintains the table structure (including rows and columns) when exported to MySQL.

Support All Database Components

Database offered by other companies are limited to the constraints set by the user, but this is not the case with DRPU Database converter. It supports MS Access Database constraints, Data Types, Attributes, Key Constraints, Null Values, Constant values and others to ensure effective file migration to MySQL.

Selective Database Conversion

As the database is composed of a large amount of data, the converter offers for selective transfer. Here DBA’s can choose to convert database definitions only, convert views only, indexes only or export all these tables attributes from MS Access to MySQL database.

Select Table to Export

The transfer tool provides the option to export all the tables at once or only those required by DBA. Users can check-mark table name which are to be exported and these will be moved to selected destination MySQL database name. The ‘Select All’ option export tables in bulk.

Selective Migration of Views

Like tables, DRPU MS Access to MySQL database converter provides the flexibility to move desired views to MySQL database. Select the view and click on Add to export it, or click on ‘Add All’ to export all views. Similarly, remove the accidentally selected views to restrict from migration.

Save Options

The DRPU MS Access to MySQL database converter let the Database Administrators to save the exported items at desired location. They can make the changes to tables and views and export as required by the application.


The DRPU Database converter is not limited to a single version of MS Access and MySQL, it is designed to be compatible with major MS Access versions i.e. MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and MySQL 8.0, 5.7, 5.6, 5.5 and other previous ones. Contact Us to get the trial copy of the software.


Standard Version


  • Convert Unlimited Files
  • Lifetime Validity

Frequently Asked Questions

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