Top 5 Methods to Fix 0x00000e9 Error Code in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an efficient, fast, secure Operating system but if there is a hardware issue then windows fail to start. When you are starting the PC and 0x00000e9 Error Code appears on the screen it means there is some problem in the drivers, hard drives, or system hardware. As there are several possibilities of this error so does the solutions. Depending upon the type of problem Windows 10 error code 0x00000e9 can be fixed with an optimized solution.

Major causes of Windows 10 0x00000e9 Error Code

It occurs mostly due to hardware problems and some other reasons could be

  • Corrupt/ Damaged Hard Drive
  • Hardware components not connected properly
  • System Drivers are not fully updated
  • Corrupt OS system files or registry file
  • Using Windows 10 with Old computers
resolve windows 10 0x00000e9 error code

So, there is not a specific cause hence we will look at some solutions that can fix the 0x00000e9 Error Code in Windows 10 and start the system normally

Check System Compatibility with Windows 10

Well, before updating to Windows 10, check whether your system is compatible enough to run on windows.

  • Go to the PC manufacturer website
  • Entire your computer/ laptop model number
  • Now, select Window Operating system
  • It will show which OS will be better to use with the laptop

Check Hardware Connection Issue

Hardware peripherals are one the reason for Windows 10 0x00000e9 error code, now check the connectivity with external hardware

  • Disconnect all the external devices, like USB, CD/ DVD, external hard disk, mouse, keyboard, printer and other devices
  • Restart the computer and check it opens without an error code, if yes then update the USB drivers
  • Once the drivers are updated, attach all the devices like Mouse, Keyboard and restart it again
  • The Windows error code 0x00000e9 will not appear

Change BIOS Settings

Most of the time if the boot priority order is set with external drive as 1st then change it, follow the given steps

  • Shutdown the computer and then press the power button
  • Before the window loads and shows error message 0x00000e9, keep pressing the button to bring the system to BIOS module
  • Look at the laptop documentation, generally, ESC, DEL, F12, F11 are used, so press the key accordingly
  • Now go to ‘Boot’ tab via arrow keys
  • Select the 1st Boot Device to ‘Hard drive’ in which OS is stored and save changes
  • Shutdown computer and start it again, if the drive is good then it will fix the error.

Change Master Boot Record

If the Master Boot Record is not set correctly then the Windows Pre-installation Environment comes to use. This can fix the issue by given method

  • Connect an external hard drive with Windows Pre-Installation Environment
  • Launch the Pre-Installation Environment (PE) and specify the C: drive as Master Boot Record
  • Set the boot option as hard drive
  • Reboot the computer and re-install windows
  • Restart the computer, and the window error code 0x00000e9 will be removed.

Run Disk Scan

Bad sectors in the hard-disk having OS file may prevent the system from booting resulting in Windows 10 0x00000e9 error code. Fix damaged/ corrupt errors in drive with CHECK DISK method.

  • Go to Start and launch the command prompt to Run as Administrator
  • Type the command chkdsk /f /r and press enter
  • Restart the computer to see if the error is removed.
  • Now use the SFC scan method

Use SFC Scan

Corrupt or Damage Window OS system files are one of the causes of 0x00000e9 error code. These files can be repaired with SFC scan.

  • Go to Start and type CMD
  • Right click on command prompt and select ‘Run as Administrator’
  • When the CMD window open, type command SFC /scannow
  • Press enter and wait for the process to be executed
  • Once it gets completed, restart the computer and the error will be fixed.

These are the top 5 methods by which you can fix the Windows 10 0x00000e9 error code and boot operating system normally.

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