How to Change Outlook Default Mail Delivery Location Online

E-mail management is the most important aspect for an e-mail user. MS Outlook features help users to manage e-mail effectively and to change the outlook default mail delivery location. In this way the user knows where the e-mail message are stored. Users can keep track of e-mails as per the requirement. Thus changing the Default Mail delivery location prevents errors in Outlook application too.

It has been known that the large size of Outlook data files is always found to be cause of error in Outlook. It can  either be corrupt e-mail file or any items in outlook folder. Proper management of e-mail by changing the MS Outlook Default mail delivery location resolves all these issues. There are two prospects in which the process can be carried out.

Change Outlook Default Mail Delivery Location when Outlook is not running and

  • Change Mail delivery location when Outlook is running
  • Check out the steps for each process as given

Change Default Delivery Location When Outlook is Not Running

  • Go to Start and Click on Control Panel tab
  • Now the Control Panel window will open, select view as Small Icons
  • Click on the Mail icon on the screen
  • A new box will prompt-up, click on the button Data Files

change outlook default file location

  • Now select the account for which you want to change the mail delivery location
  • Once selected click on Add button

select pst file to move

  • Select the data file to use in Outlook and click OK

select outlook default mail file

  • The file will be listed in the ‘Data Files’ window in Outlook
  • Select this file and click on ‘Set as Default’ and click on Close

outlook 2016 default e-mail file

  • Now exit the Outlook application and restart Outlook
  • The Outlook default delivery location will be changed

Change Location if Outlook is Running

The default mail delivery location can be changed if Outlook is running by following steps

  • Open and login to Outlook desktop application
  • Click on File>> Info and move to Account Settings

change outlook mail storage location

  • Click on Account Settings option again
  • The same Account settings box will open to modify changes
  • Click on the Data Files tab and then select the pst file required to change mail location

automatically select default mail delivery location

  • Select file and it a dialog box prompts then click on Yes
  • Click on the close button to complete process

If you are unable to receive mails after changing the default location of PST, then you can get it from the New folder that is created by outlook before migration. When Outlook is opened it will recommend to save file at this location and you can easily get your items from the PST file.

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