Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software – The Best Tool to Recover Deleted Files

If you are looking for software to recover lost and deleted files from Mac then try the Stellar Mac Data Recovery Tool. Considered as the best tool to recover deleted files, this software is very easy to use and works in any situation. Data loss may occur due to several reasons and if you do not have Time Machine Backup then it is difficult to get back files from Mac System.

Causes of Data Loss are

  • Virus Attack from external files
  • System Internal errors
  • Hard-disk corruption
  • Loss of data while moving or copying a file from one location to other

The list goes on, but the only software that can handle all types of data loss and restore files is Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac. This software can be used on iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. By using this advanced software user can get their documents, files, photos, videos from damaged hard-drives, and corrupt SD cards. Let’s check out the features of Professional Data Recovery Software for Mac from Stellar.

Recover Data From any Storage Media: The data recovery software can be installed on various Mac devices and restore data from SSD’s, hard-drive, fusion drives, external storage devices. Moreover, the tool functions to get back data from damaged, corrupt, formatted volumes. It also supports the APFS file system.

Recover Files from Trash: Most software fails to recover trashed files but this professional data recovery software stores data from Trash folder, so if you have deleted important documents from Trash then get them back with Stellar Mac Recovery software.

Recover Files From Lost Volumes: What happens if you have crucial files, photos videos in a disk-volume, and the entire disk-partition is lost, chances to get back data are zero, but with stellar data recovery software advanced scan system it is possible. It lists the deleted volumes, the user can select the volume and then choose data to recover.

Custom Scanning Options: There are situations that either complete data loss occurs or only some specific files get deleted. Stellar Mac Recovery Software gives the option to select the type of file like a document, email, photo, video, before starting the recovery so that the tool looks for those specific files only.

Disk Imaging Option: if the drive is in a healthy state then the data can be recovered quickly, however, if the disk is damaged or have bad sectors then the software creates an image of such hard-disk and recover data from that drive without affecting the original disk volume.

System Monitoring: The software has a smart feature that scans the system and analyses its performance, health risk, temperature, and other data. It comes with two options Scan Disk and Clone Disk. The software monitor’s performance each time.

Easy to Use: Stellar Mac Data Recovery has a user-friendly interface with-in 3 steps you can get back deleted files i.e. Scan-Select-Recover. The advanced scan lets users get back accidentally deleted files too. It supports macOS High Sierra and Mojave.

These features make it the best data recovery software for Mac. Also, the output files have the same quality and file integrity.

Pricing and License

The software comes in following versions

Details Professional Premium Technician
Price $86 $113 $212
Installation Single System Single System Three System
License 1 Year (Customize) 1 Year (Customize) 1 Year
Photo & Video Repair No Yes Yes

How to Use Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software 

  • Download, install and start the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac


  • You can select the option to recover everything or select customize option

stellar mac data recovery software

  • Now select the drive or volume from where you want to recover. There is an option to Find Volume if the location is not known

recover deleted files from mac with stellar

  • The software will scan the drive and collect files to recover

stellar data recovery for mac

  • It will then display the list of files that can be recovered

preview recovered files in mac stellar

  • Select the file to recover and then click on Recover

recover lost files in mac

  • Select location to save the recovered files by clicking on the Browse button

save mac files by stellar software

  • Click on the save button and the file will be restored

stellar deleted files recovery in mac save option

  • Check the folder where you saved the file for recovered files.

So, try this easy to use advanced Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software and get your files back.

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