Outlook Line Switches 2016 Check Function of Each Switch

Outlook is a large application and maintaining it is a tedious task. Outlook stores all the messages, attachments, calendars, contacts, important reminders. With so many programes Outlook some time became inaccessible which create problems and delays the work. You can use specific command lines in order to start outlook

Outlook command line helps to open certain programs using line switches. So first you need to close the outlook application and open command tool to perform actions on the application

outlook command line switch

Outlook Command Line Switch

  • Close and exit outlook, be sure it is not running in task manager if it is than disable the program and close Outlook
  • Go to Start menu and type the run command (Window Key +R)
  • Type the command as Outlook /Switch
  • Click on OK button to start the Outlook
  • Some time, there is need to enter complete path of Outlook application e.g C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe” /switch

Popular Outlook Switches

Here is the list of Outlook Switches with description of operation they perform. All the operation are performed as Outlook / switch name

use outlook switch command

  • /Cleanreminders: It clears and regenerates all reminders
  • /Cleanviews: This command restore all the defaults views. Users should use the command carefully as all created views will be lost while setting to default
  • /Profile: Instead of Options and or tools menu, this outlook witch directly opens the Choose profile bix
  • /Safe: This starts Outlook in Safe mode
  • /resetnavpane: Reset outlook navigation pane to default
  • /Check Client: This commands pop-up default manager of e-mail, news and contacts
  • /Cleanfinders: This command removes all the search items in Microsoft Exchange Server store
  • /Cleanprofile: This removes invalid profile keys
  • /Cleanpst: This opens outlook with clean personal folders file (.pst)

There are many other outlook switches that can be used to perform actions without opening it and make it accessible. Switches comes as a recue when outlook application does not open.

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