Top 5 SQL Database Repair Tools To Repair SQL Database

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Databases are widely used in numerous applications, They are found used in every field, and Database administrators (DBA) have a huge responsibility to handle and maintain these databases. SQL expanded as Structured Query Language is used to modify databases. SQL Queries modify the tables, insert new items, update existing data, and delete the unnecessary files in the SQL database.

Thus managing a single SQL database is a challenging task for DBA. Apart from operations daily backup, the security of files is an additional task a DBA has to do. So, it becomes difficult for DBA to manage all operations one at a time and there are high chances of database corruption. Recovering SQL MDF files manually will take hours, so DBAs can use the SQL Database repair tools.

However, deciding the best SQL Repair tool that is right for your database is a tough decision. While selecting a database repair software users must check specific qualities and choose the right software to repair SQL database. For a SQL Recovery tool to be sufficient enough it should meet the standard features

Qualities of a Good SQL Database Repair Tool

Here are some key features that a good SQL database recovery tool should have:

  1. Support Latest SQL Server versions: A good SQL database recovery software should be compatible with all latest versions of SQL Server.
  2. Support all database components: The tool should be able to repair and recover all the SQL Server components, including tables,views, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, etc.
  3. Easy to Use Interface: The good database repair tool should user-friendly easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows users to complete the recovery process with ease.
  4. Preview Results option: A preview option to view the recovered data before saving it should be available, so that users can verify the accuracy of the recovered data.
  5. Selective recovery: The tool should provide an option for selective recovery, allowing users to recover only the required tables or components instead of the entire database.
  6. Log file recovery: The tool should be able to recover the transaction log files to ensure that all the data is accurately restored.
  7. High recovery rate: The tool should have a high recovery rate, ensuring that the maximum possible data is recovered from the corrupted SQL database.
  8. Compatibility with different storage media: The tool should be compatible with different storage media, including hard drives, USB drives, and other external storage devices.
  9. Customer support: The good SQL Database Repair Tool should offer prompt & reliable customer support, with technical assistance available in case of any issues or queries.

Overall, a good SQL recovery tool should be reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use, with a wide range of features that help to recover as much data as possible from corrupted SQL databases.

If the tool meets these requirements then it can be used for SQL Repair as they can be used with any SQL versions and recover SQL MDF and NDF files in any situation. Check the comparison of the best SQL repair tool

Best SQL Recovery Tools 2023

  • Stellar SQL Database Repair
  • Kernel for SQL Database Recovery
  • SysTools SQL Recovery
  • DataNumen SQL Recovery
  • SysInfo MS SQL Database Recovery

Check out the detailed features for each SQL Database Repair tool:

1. Stellar Repair For MS SQL ($349) – Visit Website

Stellar SQL Repair is a perfect tool to repair SQL database, This prominent database recovery software fixes common SQL errors and saves files in multiple formats. The quality of the software can be known by its 5-star rating from SQL server Central and MSDN. Check out some important features of the Stellar SQL database tool

  • Recover files even if the DBCC CHECKDB REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS fails
  • The Stellar SQL repair tool reconnects to the server automatically after disruption
  • Repair both MDF and LDF files in SQL
  • Fix common SQL errors like 5171, 8942, 3414
  • The software is able to fix consistency error, schema corruption
  • It supports Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode (SCSU)
  • Stellar SQL repairs the corrupt log files

Thus, it offers advanced features that make it distinct from other SQL Repair Tools. Use  Code FRT2020 for 20% Off

Pricing of Stellar SQL Repair Tool
$349 $279$449 $359$549 $439
Single UserMultiple UserMultiple User
Repair SQL DatabaseRepair SQL DatabaseRepair SQL Database
Repairs corrupt .BAK fileRepairs corrupt .BAK fileRepairs corrupt .BAK file
Resets SQL Server PasswordsResets SQL Server PasswordsResets SQL Server Passwords
Use Code FRT2020 for 20% DicountUse Code FRT2020 for 20% DicountUse Code FRT2020 for 20% Dicount

2. Kernel for SQL Database Recovery ($299)

The Kernel SQL Database Recovery software is another proficient software for database repair. It’s faster processing and support for various SQL versions make it a desirable product for Database administrators. Salient Features of Kernel for SQL Recovery are:

kernel sql database recovery
  • The tool automatically detects the SQL version which is to be repaired
  • An important feature of the Kernel SQL recovery tool is that it can restore files to SQL database even when SQL Server is running
  • Severely corrupted tables can be saved without identity after recovery
  • The software saves the restored database as a backup in script form
  • Recover MDF and NDF SQL database files in minutes
  • Preview more than 1000 records in a single page preview option
  • Support SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008/ 2008 R2/ 2012/ 2014/ 2016/ 2017
ost file repair

Direct transfer to Live SQL Server is what makes the Kernel SQL Database recovery tool stand out among others. Use code LEPIDE10 for 10% Off

Pricing of Kernel SQL Recovery
For Single OrganizationFor AMC Service Provider
Use Code FRT10 for 10% DiscountUse Code FRT10 for 10% Discount
Buy NowBuy Now

3. SysTools SQL Recovery ($249)

SysTools Database Repair software for SQL has its own advantages and it offers many extra features that are not available in other tools. With support to fix major SQL server errors, the tool recovers advanced data types. The tool has received high ratings from Softpedia, CNET, and Software Informer. The tool comes with the following features

systools sql recovery mdf
  • Use SysTools to repair Microsoft SQL Server FATAL Error 823 and prevent corruption
  • Advance enough to recover SQL MDF files affected by Wallet Ransomware
  • The software recovers XML Data Types from a SQL Server Database
  • SysTools SQL Recovery software supports advanced data types like Datetime2, sql_variant, hierarchy, datetimeoffset, geometry & geography
  • Export Data as compatible SQL scripts
  • Save the scan SQL file as .STR and then load it later for recovery
  • Provide two scanning modes for complete recovery of files
  • Supports major SQL Server versions

SysTools SQL Recovery goes a step ahead and supports the recovery of advanced data types.Use Code FRT2020 for 20% Off

4. DataNumen SQL Recovery ($590)

DataNumen SQL Recovery is an advanced tool that repairs corrupt MDF and NDF files without any loss and recovers all the database components to avoid any confusion. The database recovery software retrieves files in the same original format and maintains the quality of files. Here are some features that make the DataNumen tool different from other software.

datanumen sql reovery
  • It restores the sparse columns, indexes, views, triggers, and records
  • DataNumen SQL tool support recovery of encrypted database files
  • Recover unlimited files of any size
  • With DataNumen DBA can recover MDF files in batches
  • Recover SQL files from damaged storage media
  • Easy to Use with drag and drop option
  • Best recovery rate in the industry (92.60%) in the industry

So, give a try to DataNumen SQL Database recovery software and retrieve damage, corrupt, lost, deleted SQL files

5.  SysInfo Tools MS SQL Database Recovery ($270)


This is another option available to Database Administrators who engage in tons of SQL data and require multiple SQL recovery. SysInfo MS SQL database recovery tool has a deep scan technology that left no item from scanning and previews each and every bit of database in SQL. So, Try out this advanced SQL repair tool and check its features

  • The ‘Advanced Scan’ option previews the entire contents of MDF/NDF Files
  • Recover SQL tables, keys, triggers, rules, stored procedures
  • Complete recovery of SQL MDF (Primary), NDF (Secondary), and LDF (Log) files
  • Export files with Schema and data or schema only
  • Take snapshots of file recovery and save them at a user-defined location
  • The software gets automatic updates so that it can be used with the latest SQL version

So, the SysInfo MS SQL recovery tool offers the opportunity to recover data from the latest SQL versions efficiently while maintaining the original file structure.

These are the top 5 best SQL repair tools available in the industry so far and tried by thousands of users. Choose one according to your requirements and recover corrupt SQL database files.


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