SQL Database Repair Tool to Repair MDF and NDF Files

SQL is used as a database platform by a large number of applications, its rich user interface enables database administrators (DBA) to work properly. SQL is easy to use and maintained. However, there are certain situations when the SQL database gets corrupt, it may be due to database in suspect mode, or updates are pending and many other issues. So, we should use SQL database recovery software that can recover the database and bring it to a normal state

Corrupt SQL database involves the risk of loss of file and it also poses a threat to other files as the entire application works on a database. It is recommended to stop the usage of applications until the SQL database gets corrupt. Stellar SQL Database Repair is the software that repairs the corrupt SQL files and recovers deleted items and all other database components. The software ensures complete recovery and fixes many errors as well.

The tool is not limited to these features. You can use Stellar SQL Recovery Software in the following cases

  • If the SQL Database is in SUSPECT Mode
  • When the DBCC CHECKDB tool fails to function
  • The software is capable to recover data even if the Log file (.LDF) is missing or corrupted
  • It can fix the majority of SQL Database errors like 5171, 8942, 3414, clustered or non-clustered and consistency errors.

The Stellar Repair for MS SQL is able to do all these functions due to its features. To provide smooth functioning of the recovery process the software automatically connects with the database whenever disrupted. Check out the main highlights

Key Features of Stellar SQL Database Repair Software

Repair the MDF and NDF Files: The SQL Database recovery software repairs the corrupt MDF and NDF files. The MDF is the primary and NDF is the secondary database files that are necessary to run the database. It scans the files and corrects the bit pattern bringing the database inconsistent state and repair all SQL objects.

Complete Recovery of SQL Server Database: Damage caused by hardware problems in SQL server, system shutdown, virus attacks, OS malfunction corrupt the database components, it recovers the SQL indexes, Views, Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Rules, user-defined functions and many more.

Preview Files and Selective Recovery: When the Stellar SQL Repair tool is launched it scans the entire database and then shows a preview of files in a tree-like structure, you can preview the file and then select particularly these objects and files to recover selectively apart from the whole database objects.

Recover Deleted Files: Stellar SQL software not only repairs the corrupt files but it recovers the deleted files too. The software scans the files and then collect deleted files. It takes complete care that the deleted files get recovered without any data loss and the hierarchy and originality of SQL files remain the same.

Recovery of ROW and PAGE compressed Data: The tool recovers all the files including the ROW and PAGE compressed data. It supports Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode (SCSU).

Search Items and Saving Options: If you cannot locate a particular file, then the software gives the option to search via ‘Find Items’ and you can also use ‘Match whole word’ or ‘Match Case’ to give an idea of the item to be searched. Another feature is that you can save the recovered SQL file or objects in MSSQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS format.

Compatibility: The Stellar SQL Repair and Recovery software is compatible with SQL server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008 to 7.0 and can be installed on Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP and Vista.


The Stellar SQL Database Repair Tool comes in different versions. Details are given

Details SQL Database Repair SQL Platinum Edition SQL Database Toolkit
Price $349 $449 $549
Unlimited Database Yes Yes Yes
Installation Multiple Systems Multiple Systems Multiple Systems
Repair & Recovery of SQL Objects Yes Yes Yes
Recover From Backup No Yes Yes
Password Recovery No No Yes
Major SQL Version Support No No Yes

How to Use the Stellar SQL Database Repair

stellar sql database recovery

  • Click on the Repair button to start repairing process

stellar repair sql mdf ndf files

  • After the repairing process gets complete a message box will prompt to register software, click on OK

register sql server database

  • It will generate the preview of repaired files, select the files you want to save and then click on the ‘Save’ button

stellar preview sql files

  • A new box will prompt asking the format to save the file, first select the folder to save the file, and then select format among MSSQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS.

select format to save sql files stellar

  • You also have the option to save repaired databases and recovered files in New Database or Live Database.

stellar save as live database or new database

  • The file will be saved on the desired path and you will get a confirmation message.

stellar sql database repair completeThe Stellar Database Repair and Recovery Software is the best choice to repair corrupt SQL files and recover deleted files. Database Administrators should use this software to maintain their SQL Database.

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