Solution to Outlook 2016 Send Blank E-mails Error

Recently Many users asked questions that Outlook 2016 is automatically sending blank emails (no content in message body). While the error was not limited to senders, user also received the Blank e-mails in their Outlook Account. This may be due to malware or virus in the system or Outlook settings are not correctly configured. Here are steps by which one can solve Outlook Sending Blank E-mails error.

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Blank messages send in Outlook could be irritating as they simply fill up the mail box and increase size of Outlook PST. Check out the methods by which we can solve Outlook empty email error and what should be done to resolve this problem

Causes of Outlook Blank Message Issue

The main reasons that could led to such error

  • Incorrectly configured Outlook Account
  • Add-ons linked with Outlook
  • Error in Outlook PST File
  • Antivirus not updated in computer

How to Solve Outlook Sending Blank E-mails

One method is to configure account in New Profile and then set up Account automatically

  • Completely close the Outlook running in your system
  • Go to Start>> Control panel and click on Mail
  • The E-mail Account box will open

outlook auto account setup

  • Click on the Show Profiles button and select Add
  • Now Type any name for new profile and click OK
  • Once the profile is created you need to add mail using Auto Account Setup
  • Open Outlook and Go to Files and select Add Account
  • Select E-mail Account under Auto account setup
  • Enter the Name, e-mail, and password of profile created and OK
  • Your Account will be setup, send a test mail to check if the issue is resolved

If the Outlook 2016 sending blank e-mail persists try to update Outlook

Outlook E-mail body Blank error Update

Some time Add-ins effects the Send to Mail Recipient functionality and MAPI Integration. The Microsoft Update is believed to solve the error

update outlook for blank mails error

  • Open Outlook in your Computer and go to File
  • Select your Account and go to Update options
  • Click on the Update Now button

As soon as the update will complete the Outlook sending blank e-mail will be solved. You can now send messages normally from Outlook account.

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