Resolve SQL Error 5172 and Syntax Error 1064

MS SQL is an RDBMS Database system (Relational Database Management System). The database stores the data and retrieves it whenever a user runs the query. But as all applications face errors due to user problems or unavailability of resources, in the same manner, the MS SQL Database gives error message SQL Syntax Error 1604 and Data file error 5172.

Every MS SQL database user if input wrong query gets the SQL syntax error 1064. But the SQL Error 5172 is because of MDF and LDF database Files. MDF (Master Data file) is the primary database file that contains all the records, tables, indexes, triggers, other database values, and LDF files stores the log files. If the MDF and LDF files get attached then it shows the error message ‘header for the file test.mdf is not a valid database file header’ extending to the FILE SIZE property is incorrect.

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Here we will know about the causes of SQL error and how they can be resolved

Causes of SQL Server Error 5172

  • Damaged log file and data file
  • If there is any incompatibility between SQL database files like a higher version of SQL database files to lower version of SQL database files.
  • Improper shutdown or Power failure

Fix the MS SQL MDF and LDF Files

To fix the SQL error 5172 and repair MDF file follow the below-given steps

  • Exit from the SQL Server running instance completely, check in task manager, and database windows too.
  • Now copy the MDF and LDF files from SQL database to another location on the same system
  • Now delete the original MDF and LDF files and start the SQL server
  • Create a new database with the same name and filename as the existing one.
  • Stop the SQL server and overwrite the MDF and NDF files for online database recovery
  • The SQL database files will be overwritten giving a fresh start. Start the MS SQL server and the error will be removed.

What is SQL Error 1064 and How to Resolve it

The main cause of SQL syntax error 1064 is due to incorrect spelling or typing of SQL queries. If a user types a query in the SQL server and it does not meet the standards of MY SQL server then it gives the SQL error message 1064. The SQL editor could not understand the misspelled errors and thus fails to perform the task

Causes of SQL 1064 Error

  • If the standard rule of inserting a query is not followed
  • Words or commands type in the editor are misspelled
  • Using obsolete commands on a new version of SQL server
  • If the object or data on which command is produced is not available or deleted

How to Resolve SQL Error 1064

The best method to fix the SQL error code is using correct commands and type words that match the SQL syntax. This resolves the error

  • Be careful with the reserved words like alter as they require backticks in the command
  • Always provide the object in command whenever required like name, ID
  • First, check the data on which command is performed is available on database or not
  • You can follow these steps to avoid the SQL syntax error 1064.

It is always recommended to have the backup of the database before making changes to it. As the SQL error 1064 is a syntax error it does not affect the files but only creates a problem with services. So before going for SQL database error fix, always create the backup.

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