Repair SQLite Database Manually In Simple Steps

One of the best databases that are supported by various Operating Systems (OS), browsers and other applications is SQLite. It is one of the popular database management systems. SQLite is used by various organizations and developers because of its flexibility, however, any interference with the files, network problems, or other issues could get corrupt. To repair SQLite manually follow the below steps.

The database holds important files of an application and any single error could corrupt the whole database files, so proper caution should be taken while repairing SQLite manually. Corruption in databases may be caused by several problems like large database files, unstructured file organization, and other issues.

Causes of SQLite Database Corruption

  • Inappropriate action of the process in a disk file
  • Incompatibility among the running threads and processes may damage data file
  • If the SQLite data protection functionality is disabled
  • Error in running application may corrupt the database

Repair SQLite Database Manually

If you do not have a backup of the files, then you can go for a manual method to repair database

  • Open the DB Browse for SQL Lite in your system
  • Now click on the Execute SQL tab to run the query
  • Now type PRAGMA integrity_check and click on the play button

repair sqlite database

  • Now you need to export the database to SQL file
  • Click on File go to Export and select Database to SQL File
  • Now select the items you want to export

export items from sqlite

  • Click on the OK button to start the export process
  • Once the process is complete you can again import the database file
  • Go to File click on Import and select Database to SQL

Now check the SQLite database, it will be working normally. Thus you can fix the error in simple steps and repair the SQLite database. The other easier method to repair SQLite database is by using third-party software, One such tool is Stellar Repair for SQLite. The SQLite Repair Tool from Stellar is designed to repair damaged SQLite databases instantly.

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