Recover Lost Data With These Free Data Recovery Software

Your phones, tablets, PCs, memory card, pen drives, hard disks, or laptops may contain certain important data that you will not gather from anywhere else. You put every inch of effort to keep those data safe and have backups for those important data as well. Any loss in those data can cause you loss of some important documents, memories, and collections of past years and what not. Losing the important data stored on your devices is just like a stroke to you because you know that you would not be getting those data back ever and in the desperate efforts of trying to recover those data, you visit the data recovery specialist which extracts the excessive amount of money from your pocket. But what if you can recover lost data, documents, or anything without even spending much of your time and money?

You can easily recover lost data by just installing and using these amazing free data recovery software and tools that will help you to gain all the deleted, erased, or lost data or files. Install and use these free of cost data recovery software to recover and restore your data with few simple and easy to do steps.

How can you recover lost data for free of cost?

Spending your money onto the visits to the data recovery specialist and then regretting not knowing about the highly efficient and free of cost data recovery software for easy data restoring and recovery. You can pick the one that is best suited for you and can proceed with the instructions to restore and recover data. Here are some of the best options for people like you who don’t want to spend their money onto some data recovery specialist –

DMDE Free Edition – It is one of the highly efficient tools to recover your data from a wide range of drives.


  • Support a wide range of drives and of varied memory storage.
  • Not simple to use, but the step by step guide will help you in recovering
  • The upgraded version of the tool helps you in simpler and faster recovery.
  • Have features like selecting the drive to recover and identifies all the possible partitions for recovery.

Recuva –It is the best option for the files or documents that were accidentally deleted.

  • Easy to use and have simple steps for recovery
  • wizard open by default in which you can choose the type of file that you want to recover
  • customization of the targets to search for the files in specific drives or all drives
  • also available as a portable app

PhotoRec – As given its name it just not only recovers photos but is also capable of recovering all types of media file types.


  • Recover all media types up to 200 file formats.
  • Recovers lost partitions easily
  • Have command-line user interface
  • the danger of data loss while trying to recover it is very less as it creates a read-only format before working on it

MiniTool Partition Recovery Free – It is the best solution when your entire drive or partition is lost and you are helpless in recovering it.
Features :

  • Helpful in recovering accidentally deleted or corrupted partitions or drives
  • It is simple to use and can be worked easily without leaving the Windows
  • Quick and full scans of the drives help you to find your files and then recover them by easy steps

Paragon Rescue Kit 14 Free Editions – This tool comes into play when your Windows is not at all rebooting. It should be installed on the PC while it is working properly.
Features :

  • Requires a CD/DVD or Flash Drive to recover data in it
  • After rebooting the wizards opens and you can choose your inserted flash drive or CD/DVD to further proceed.
  • It transfers all the recovered files to the flash drive or CD/DVD.

And here are some of the best data recovery software that will save you data and your life as well.

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