Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook With PST Repair Tool

Have you ever thought that what you will do when the Outlook Personal Storage Table (PST) file in which all your emails, contacts, and other Outlook data (notes, journals, etc.) stored, is damaged? First, you may get panic thinking about the important emails with some attachments that you cannot bear to lose. Then, you may look if you have ever created a backup of the PST file; many users do this on a regular basis to overcome the PST damaged issue. In case, you could not find the latest backup, what will be the next step?

Will you forget everything and create a new PST? Then, you will write numerous emails to collect the lost data. Is it what you are going to do next because you think, there is no other solution?

You are wrong! You still have a way to recover deleted emails, notes, contacts, attachments within emails, and almost everything that you have lost due to PST Corruption. That solution is the Stellar Undelete Email tool which can recover deleted emails and restore all other contents of the PST file instantly. It is possible to repair a damaged PST with a maximum recovery percentage with a specialized email recovery tool. Using a deleted email recovery tool, you can recover deleted emails within a few minutes. And, once the file is repaired, open it using any version of MS Outlook, as the software not only repairs the file but configures it to open using any version of MS Outlook. You only need to have an Outlook profile in which you can open the repaired PST.

Features of Stellar Undeleted Email Tool

  • Recover Deleted Emails which are lost after emptying the ‘Deleted items Folder’
  • Repairs the PST file created in almost any environment i.e. on Windows operating system, MAC operating system, Windows Microsoft Server, etc.
  • Recovers almost anything stored in the damaged PST file. The recovered data may include emails, images within the email body, attachments, notes, calendars, contacts, and much more.
  • Provides the maximum accuracy rate in the recovered data so that there is no need to rework on the recovered emails, etc.
  • Repairs the PST files that are damaged due to reasons, such as virus attack, abrupt application use, failure of the email client, etc.
  • Repairs the PST files that have become inaccessible due to larger size. Many times, it happens that users do not care about the size of the PST, which often results in Outlook hang. And, to reinstate Outlook, users close it abruptly, which may result in damage to the PST file. Many times, Outlook repairs it automatically, but maximum time, the PST becomes inaccessible. The email recovery program also repairs such PST files.
  • Supports all versions of operating systems; hence, there is no issue of installation and use. Install it on any operating system and use it with confidence.
  • Provides options to save the recovered data in many formats, such as MSG, RTF, HTML, EML, and PDF.
  • Repairs the password protected PST files as well.
  • Displays a preview of the recovered emails, images, etc to let you select what you want to save further.

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