Password Protect PDF Files For Free

PDF Files or expanded as portable document format are the types of file which is received in a particular order as you sent it. This is the one of the many reasons professionals used to share data among themselves. Sharing data make it prone to breach and so it is necessary to protect the crucial data before sharing it. PDF files allow users to password protect them so the files remain confidential. Here we will learn how to password protect a PDF file free

The steps involve in protecting a PDF file are easy and can be implemented by anyone. Protecting the PDF with password prevents it from data breach and maintains confidentiality among users. Another feature of PDF is that you can’t edit without permission. So check out the steps to password protect  PDF with adobe reader

How To Password Protect PDF Files

If you are using Adobe reader tool then follow the given steps

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat reader tool in your system
  • Now open the file from File menu which you want protect
  • Go to View menu and then tools and click on protection tab
  • Expand the Protection tab and click on encrypt
  • Select the option “Encrypt with Password”
  • Click on Yes in the security pop-up box

password protected pdf

  • Now check mark the option Require A Password To Open The Document
  • Create a strong password with combination of letters, numbers, special characters
  • Now select the compatibility version of reader which receiver have, select equal or lower version
  • Select enrypt all documents and click OK
  • Now the PDF file is password protected

When the user will receive the file it will prompt for password before opening. The user has to enter the password to open the file. In this manner, one can create a password protected file easily. This strengthens the security of document containing crucial files and media.

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