Lotus Notes Error Messages- Fixes and Solutions

Lotus Notes is a popular email application used by IBM. Earlier known as IBM Notes, Lotus Notes application store data in NSF files and while working getting error messages is really annoying. Here we will discuss the common Lotus Notes error message and how to troubleshoot them. It is good to fix the issues in earlier stage else it may led to more complex problem.

Common errors in Lotus Notes include network problem, connection with database, unable to find path server and others like. Some time these errors won’t even let users to open Lotus Notes and create restriction in work. So, here are some useful techniques by which we can troubleshoot Lotus Notes error easily

Common Lotus Notes Error and Fixes

Corrupt Database- Cannot Allocate Space

The foremost thing which can be used to detect and solve the problem is running nFixup tool. If NFIXUP is unable to solve the database problem there could be some error in Desktop.dsk file

  • Rename the file: First delete the cache.ndk file and then rename it to bookmark.nsf

rename bookmark.nsf error

  • Another thing is to create copy of database: Go to Files and then Database, now select New copy in Notes. This will create a new file at operating system level

Network Error in Lotus Notes

Some time Lotus Notes gives error message “Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time.”

There are two ways to fix this issue

  • Check File Location: Open the current location and check Mail. You need to change the mail file location. Set the Mail file location from ‘Local’ to ‘On server’. Now change the “Send Outgoing Mail” field. If it is set as ‘directly to the internet’ change it to ‘through the Domino Server’
  • Else Open the Replicator page and replicate the line “Sending Outgoing Mail”

Can’t Use Administration Program while the Domino Server is Running Error Message

This error is generally caused by misconfiguration between Lotus notes files on computer and files store on server. Lotus Notes files on system gets data from program files on server and because of this users get this error. To solve this

  • Open the Notes.ini file in your system
  • Now add the parameter “Directory=” under “Notes Program File” and save it
  • Restart the Domino server and the problem will be solved

These are some manual tricks that can be used to troubleshoot Lotus Notes error

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