How to Unlock iPhone Backup in iTunes and Mac

Security is the most important factor to save files. The iPhone users save the file in iTunes and Mac by encrypting backup with a password. It gives users the surety that the data is safe and secure. Encryption avoids unauthorized access and gives users complete security. Moreover, it gives a monopoly to users to access their account only by them. However, there are times when encryption creates the problem, so it is better to remove the password from iPhone backup in iTunes.

There are two ways by which iPhone files can be saved. Users can simply back up the data from their phone to iTunes which does not require the need of a computer. Another method is to copy the contents of the iPhone i.e. documents, photos, videos, audios, iOS app data and other files to Mac folders. Files saved in Mac can be restored when iPhone data is lost. Check out the method to decrypt iTunes backup.

How to Unlock iTunes iPhone Backup

decrypt iphone backup
  • Ensure you have an original USB cable to connect Phone to Computer
  • Connect your iPhone to MAC
  • Now launch the iTunes in Mac and click on the Phone icon
  • On the left side click on Summary, and the details of iPhone along with backup will appear
  • Go to the backup section and you will see ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’
  • Uncheck ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’ and enter the password set when files are saved for authentication
  • This will remove the password and unlock the iTunes
  • Finally, click on done and exit

The iPhone backup in iTunes is now password-free, now access the backup and restore deleted items to phone.

Decrypt iPhone Backup on Mac with Keychain

When iPhone backup is saved in iTunes it asks to ‘Remember this Password in my Keychain’. Keychain Access in Mac stores password for several applications including the iPhone Backup too. So, if the option was checked then users can use Keychain password to unlock iPhone backup in Mac.

unlock iPhone backup
  • From your Mac desktop click on Finder
  • Now browse to Applications>> Utilities>> Keychain Access
  • Double click on the Keychain Access icon to open it
  • A new window will open now go to search bar and type ‘iPhone Backup’
  • In the search result, double click on the iPhone backup and a new box will open with key chain password
  • Checkmark ‘Show Password’ option to view the password
  • Open iPhone Backup and unlock it by entering the Keychain password
  • In this way, you can access the files stored in Mac by keychain password. Restore the items that were deleted to iPhone from backup.

These are the two methods that can be used to unlock iPhone backup and restore photos, videos, audios, documents to iPhone.

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