How to Resolve Outlook for Mac 150 Error Code

Outlook for Mac is the tool provided by Microsoft for Apple user’s to use the Outlook application. Users can perform all the functions as that of MS Outlook, but with certain specifications. The email management is responsible on a single file that is PST but for Outlook for Mac, it is OLM. When a user is not able to send or receive emails in Outlook for Mac it shows the error code 150. Here we will know the causes and how to fix Outlook for Mac Error Code 150.

When sending a mail gets failed it displays the error code ‘An unknown error has occurred in Outlook, couldn’t retrieve mail, Account Name: “Your mail”, Error code: 150’. Sending and receiving mail is the basic feature and if it fails we cannot get important messages in our inbox which may cause a huge loss to the organization.

For Outlook errors in Mac, one can fix it manually for free or use the Outlook for Mac tool. If the cause of the error is known, then it could be recovered without any errors. The major reasons for Outlook error 150 are

  • Corrupt file in Outlook
  • Virus attacks or malicious files in attachments
  • Outlook not installed properly
  • Outlook for Mac not updated completely
  • Slow internet connection causing hindrance in message sending
  • Outlook mailbox is full

How to Resolve Outlook for Mac 150 Error Code

Fix the Outlook error 150 by below-given steps. Before beginning ensure you have a proper internet connection, then resolve it by following steps

fix outlook error code 150
  • Sign in to Outlook with username and password
  • Go to Outlook Settings and select Preferences
  • Click on the Comcast option and then delete the current Outlook account
  • Once it is done, add the Outlook account, click on the + sign to add. One thing to note is that Comcast is set to default
  • Go to Outlook settings and check for the available accounts
  • Select the account which you want to add
  • After the account is added, delete all the emails, folders, junk, and temporary folders
  • Restart the Outlook for Mac and it will open without error.

So, your Outlook for Mac account is back to normal and you can use it without any problems. But the manual method is complex and as it includes deletion of files it could delete important data too.


Download Stellar OLM Repair Tooldownload

The OLM Repair has a recovery engine which scans the OLM files and identifies the error, if the OLM file has error code 150 then it repairs it and gives the option to save in multiple formats. As you need to use it with Outlook for Mac, then save in that format and repair the error. In this way, the Stellar Repair for OLM fix Outlook for Mac 150 error code and preserves the data

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