How to Fix Exchange Server Error 528- JET_ErrMissingLogFile

MS Exchange is a mail application that has a limited number of users and these users generally belong to an organization. It gives a safe and secure environment to communicates via emails and shares documents, attachments. The Exchange Server is composed of several files that are responsible for its functioning like log files, user data storage EDB files, and others. If the Exchange Server faces any error it damages the EDB files. Often while recovering EDB files from backup administrators come across ‘Exchange Server error 528- current log file is missing’.

The error code prevents admins to restore lost data and bring Exchange Server to halt. So, the mail flow breaks down and restricts users to send/ receive emails. If the problem is not solved in a definite time it may result in further loss of files. So, proper steps should be taken to fix Exchange Server Error 528 and bring the mail flow to normal.

Cause of Exchange Server Jet Error 528

Log files are the important files that are used to check the activities performed on the Exchange server and if it is observed that this activity causes the database corruption, then the executed actions can be rolled back to restore the deleted files. However, if the log files are missing it generates the Exchange 528 error code.

The Exchange ‘JET_ErrMissingLogFile’ Error is caused

Edb.log is missing: It keeps the details of the operation performed on objects and items in the Exchange Database.

Edb.chk is missing: The EDB.chk includes the link to the database for EDB.log file

How to Resolve Exchange 528 Error Code

Resolve Exchange Server Database error by following steps

  • Move to the directory with pathname: c:\\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA
  • Here you will found the log files, chk files, now copy the E000xxx.log, E00.log, E00.chk file and save them on a different location
  • Now, go to the original folder where E00.chk is present and delete it

fix exchange error code 528

  • Rename the E000xxx.log to E00.log file.
  • From the command prompt run the command C:\\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA>”c:\\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\Eseutil” /r e00

This will repair the Exchange Server error 528 and the database files can be easily restored without facing ‘JET_ErrMissingLogFile’ error.

You can simply delete these log files and restore these log files from backup to a specific point. Now check the database files and the Exchange will function as normal. It best works if the backup is taken recently. Exchange Administrator should make a habit to take database backup regularly or schedule the backup to a specific date. This prevents the database from error and makes the file restoration process easier without any complexities.

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