How to Find Reliable and No-Hassle Tools for Payroll?

If there’s one thing you don’t want to mess with in business it’s money. Whether you’re dealing with large sales figures or paying invoices, you need to be sure that everything is happening on time and with great accuracy. The same applies to staff wages and payroll.

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Your staff, after all, are working hard for you and your business. The last thing you want to do is upset your workforce with missed or inaccurate pay. So, what are the best ways of making sure this doesn’t happen? Reliable and hassle-free tools for payroll, of course! 

Go Digital

It’s time to ditch all the manual paperwork and hours of laborious accounting. Large teams dealing with paper payslips and manual salary accounting make mistakes – it’s just natural.  So, ditch these processes and move forward with a smart payroll system, a digital platform designed to smooth out any creases in your accounting and ensure that everyone is paid the right amount at the right time. These platforms are designed with both business owners and employees in mind, creating a central hub for checking on payslips and hours worked, amongst other things. 

The benefits of moving to a digital system are endless. As mentioned, you will avoid slip-ups or issues with pay, but you will also save money. How? Well, using a digital system means you won’t need tens of staff members churning out accounting tasks all day. This means you can save money in the accounting department or redeploy staff into better-suited, more productive roles. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits you should look for in reliable and no-hassle payroll tools…

Integrate With Accounting

First and foremost, you want a platform that can integrate with your other back-office systems. Mostly, you want seamless integration with whichever accounting software your business uses. This way, every payment you make to your staff will be quickly and automatically transferred over to your bookkeeping software. This makes for reliable accounting and ensures that no payments are unaccounted for. While part of the pull of payroll software is making sure your staff are paid accurately, you always want to know that this is all accounted for properly, too. So, integration with accounting is an essential tool.

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Combine With Rota Hours

On a similar note, you want a system that can read, manage, or combine with your rota. If you are paying staff hourly, you want to know that these hours are paid for correctly, with no staff member being over or underpaid. You may also have hourly rate changes depending on hours worked or the time of day, such as unsociable hour supplements.

All of these can take many hours for accountants to manually manage. Instead, your clever payroll platform should either have or integrate with an hourly rota management system. In doing so, it will make certain that everyone is paid for the correct hours worked, with any enhancements or supplements added to their salary accurately.

Reaping the Benefits

Another integration that can take literally hours to manage manually is staff benefits. As a business owner, you want to attract top staff. One of the best ways of doing this is to offer top benefits. However, managing those benefits can be an absolute nightmare. Who gets what benefit, when, and how? 

With top payroll software, you can seamlessly integrate your offered benefits. For example, financial benefits such as matched pension pots can be automatically paid by your payroll and accounting software. Other, non-financial benefits, like discounts and events, can also be integrated. Say you want to offer staff with more than three years’ service extra benefits, your payroll back-office system can help automatically manage staff contracts and offer them the right benefits at the right time.

Everything Is Automated

The most valuable and important part of this sort of tech is automation. Having automated systems is like having extra workers constantly typing away in the background. All of these mentioned integrations and systems communicating with each other will happen without any human intervention. Of course, you can manually check all the payslips if you want to, but you can also sit back, relax, and be sure that your systems are working hard for you without ever having to lift a finger. Now that’s hassle-free!

So, if you want reliable and no-hassle payroll, you need to go digital. Find a platform that suits you and integrates with all the tools and systems you have in place already. Then, be confident that for the rest of your business days, your staff will be happily paid on time, every time.