Best Writing Apps And Software

If you are in need of top-quality writing services or apps to help you be the best writer, you have come to the right place. Here, we provide you with some of the most trusted and reliable services. No matter what type of documents you need or how quickly you need them, these services can offer help. Get quick assistance and enjoy low prices with any of these top-reviewed sites!

10 Best Writing Apps and Software for 2021

It is not always simple to choose the best writing applications and software. This is why we offer this list and an overview of some of the options. With these writing applications, you will be able to hire professional assistance to prepare your documents. We want to make sure that everyone has access to the best services possible. If you are an author or a student, you will find these applications and writing services to be beneficial.


Grammarly is one of the best writing applications available, and you will have the ability to use a free or paid version. With this, you will be able to look for various errors, including spelling and grammar. It is a complete writing aid that not only ensures your punctuation and spelling are correct but also helps edit writing styles. This service also detects plagiarism, so it is an option for any student that is writing papers. Try Grammarly today and see why this is a preferred writing aid for thousands.


LivingWriter has become a choice for those that are creating their documents, short stories, or even novels. It is a combination of Google Docs, offering a general processing interface. As a novel aid, you will be able to drag and drop chapters to arrange text. This service provides everything you would need to be the best storyteller, and you will enjoy options like story elements, plotting templates, image insertion, grammatical issues, and more! Get started with a two-week trial at LivingWriter. If you enjoy the service, you can pay for a monthly or yearly subscription and use it on any desktop or mobile device.


ProWritingAid has become one of the top choices. With this writing app, you can proofread any document. It works similarly to other programs but is a cheaper option if you are looking for a paid version. There is also an available free version. With ProWritingAid, you will also benefit from various tools that can analyze text and inform you of writing issues. This can include cases of repeated phrases, readability, sentence structure, and overused words.


Scrivener is much more than a typical processing service. This is a book writing program that provides you with everything needed to be the best. It is best used for book creation or long research papers and reports. With Scrivener, you will be able to use it on a desktop or mobile device and will benefit from keyboard shortcuts. If you are looking for one of the great e-book apps, this is a superb option. Anyone who is working on creative writing or a novel will enjoy what this has to offer. Get started quickly and easily with the downloadable trial!


PapersOwl is one of the trusted services where you can hire an author to complete essays, dissertations, research papers, and more. You will even see a variety of topics that are covered, which can provide you with unique ideas for your next paper. When you turn to PapersOwl, you will get top-notch team members who will meet deadlines and provide plagiarism-free content. No matter what form of paper is needed or when it is due, the authors here can begin your order right away. With a basic process and secure payments, PapersOwl can deliver high-quality results that meet deadlines.

Write! Pro

Need a digital workspace for taking notes or generating drafts? With this service, you can use the app on Windows, Linux, or Mac, and all work will be backed up to the cloud. You can then access it anywhere at any time. With this distraction-free writing app, you will be able to edit documents and can even share documents with editors in the app. Easily organize documents and assignments with Write! Pro and benefit from a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied!


With Rev, you can get top-notch transcription services at an affordable price. This service understands that transcribing audio is no basic task. They offer a team that will transcribe any audio, and they can handle files that involve multiple speakers, accents, and even industry-specific vocabulary! With a 99% accuracy rating, be sure to consider Rev when you need quick transcribing. Prices start at just $1.25 per minute.


Are you a Mac user looking for a trustworthy service to print paperbacks and e-books? See what Vallum has to offer. Vellum provides top-notch tools for e-books, including store links, generation of materials for Kindle, Apple Books, and more, and social media connections. If you have created a novel using Vellum, it will immediately be ready for print. Unlimited ebooks cost just $199.99, and unlimited e-book and paperbacks cost $249.99. Take a look at Vellum for all of your publishing needs and see why this is a leading selection.


Editing apps are quite popular online, but only Hemmingway offers a free platform for shorter projects. With this service, you can receive grammatical assistance and can also learn how to develop styles and correct grammatical errors. While this is a small package, it packs a punch. You will see you can improve substance and style, and the color-coded suggestions make Hemingway easy to use for anyone.

IA Writer

IA Writer is the perfect app for distraction-free writing. It can benefit those that are creating shorter blog postings or articles. As a simple word processor, you will find this to offer a variety of features to help you complete any small project. Available on desktops and mobile devices. This app delivers a clutter-free environment with amazing features. Check out the free trial to see whether this is the right tool for your needs.


With our selection of the best free writing apps, you can enjoy what you need to create the best final draft. From creative writing apps to the best writing apps for iPad, we ensure there is something for everyone. Take a few minutes to read the overviews of these leading apps and programs. We are confident you will benefit from services that will provide the help you need for the creation of organized and powerful documents.