Top Five Free Methods to Gmail is Running Out of Space Problem

Gmail (Google Mail) is a popular email client that is used by individuals all over the world. With Google’s trust of security and access to hundreds of applications with a single account makes Gmail a perfect tool for email communication. But one thing that lacks is space. Gmail has limited storage limit of 15 GB (can be extended on payment) for free which is used by Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos and other applications. If Gmail storage is full user get the message ‘You’re out of storage space and will soon be unable to send or receive emails until you free up space or purchase additional storage’. So, if you want to save a few bucks then try these techniques to create storage and avoid ‘Gmail Out of Space’ problem.

Gmail Messages, files stored in Google drive other than Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and files in “Shared with me”, high-quality photos in Google Photos, WhatsApp backup are the items that acquire more space in Gmail. So, delete unnecessary items, photos and free up space in Gmail. Here are some of the techniques to solve ‘Gmail running out of space’ problem.

How to Know Gmail Storage Limit and Analyze Space

For an optimal solution first check which section of Gmail is taking large space and then delete items from this section. It will remove large files and free up space faster. To check Gmail storage follow the below steps

  • Go to Google drive Page and then click on Gear icon
  • Now click on the Settings tab and a new window will open
  • Browse to Storage and it will show available space out of 15 GB
  • Click on ‘View Items Taking Up Storage’
  • The list of items, photos will appear, with file size

How to Increase Gmail Storage

Gmail storage can be created by deleting old emails, attachments, and clearing data from other applications.

Delete Emails of Large Size

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and in search box type “has:attachment larger:10M” follow the syntax in order. Here 10M denotes 10 MB in size, you can increase the size if required
  • The list of all messages more than 10 MB will appear
  • Now select the messages to delete and they will move to the Trash folder
  • At left side expand the More button and click on Trash
  • At the top click on ‘Empty Trash Row’
  • It will create space in Gmail
  • Also, click on the spam folder and select ‘Delete All Spam Messages Now’

Delete Files from Google Drive

  • Go to Google Drive and From Settings move to Storage
  • Click on ‘View Items Taking Up Storage’
  • Sort the items on the basis of size or date and then delete items from Google Drive

Delete What’s App Backup

If you use WhatsApp and has selected the option to backup items Daily, weekly, monthly then these items will be stored in the Google drive. First, copy the data to local drive in your computer from G-drive and then delete WhatsApp folder. It is expected to delete large number of files and will empty space in GB’s.

Migrate Gmail Data to Another account

If you store only important data in Gmail and Google drive and still the available space is low then import emails and messages from one Gmail account to another free. This will create space in primary email address and the items will be stored in new account. But first you must have a new Gmail Account.

  • Login to Old Gmail Account and from Gear icon go to Settings
  • Click on ‘Forwarding and POP/ IMAP’ tab in settings window
  • In POP Download section select ‘Enable POP for all mail’
  • Select the option to ‘Delete Gmail’s Copy’ When messages are accessed with POP
  • Sign in to the new Gmail account that is recently created and go to settings
  • Click on ‘Accounts and Import’ tab and select Import mails and contacts
  • A new window will open, type the e-mail address of Old Gmail account from which data is to be imported, click on Continue
  • Now, click on Allow button and then select items to be imported, checkmark contacts and mails and then click start import
  • The messages will be imported from Old Gmail account to new Gmail account, creating free space in Old account.

Purchase Gmail Storage

Another option is that you can purchase additional space from Google and it will give extra space for Google drive, Gmail and Google Photos. The Gmail storage plans are available on monthly and annual basis. So, purchase and avoid ‘Gmail out of Space’ error.

These are the top 5 methods by which Gmail Storage limit can be increased and user can get rid of You’re out of storage space and will soon be unable to send or receive emails until you free up space or purchase additional storage’ message.

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