Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

We all are surrounded by bits and pieces of data and knowledge, hence one requires storing it safely or else the data will be of no use. Similarly, when you are handling or owing a reputable business, be it on the smaller or larger basis you need to store your data and information safely or else you can face a great amount of loss in the context of information regarding your client, employees’ payroll, email correspondence and so on. Well but the good news is these lost files can be easily recovered with the help of free data recovery software. Now, what are these data recovery tools? Basically they are software that offers you an ability to recover your data files that have been deleted.

But how do these tools work, you may ask? When your file gets deleted by you or any other user, the file has not actually been removed from the PC or laptop but the information showing the location has been deleted. Now file recovery tools work by restoring the missing files and documents. However, there is no rule of thumb saying that these data recovery software will offer 100% recovery, but they can work to recover over a majority of the missing files.

windows data recovery software free

List of Free Data Recovery Software

  • TestDisk is one of the powerful free data recovery software that is used to recover your data on Windows, Mac and Linux. It offers fundamental record recuperation, for example, undeleting unintentionally erased documents from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 document frameworks. Apart from that, it accompanies a large group of extra usefulness.
  • Recuva is a windows based user-friendly data recovery tool through which you can resurrect the missing file by using a recovery wizard or manual mode of the application. Such tools are quite handy in nature and let you narrow your search when it comes to pictures, music, documents, video, or all files.  Besides it also offers a preview of file images that are available for recovery.
  • PhotoRec, well when we are talking about PhotoRec, you can call it a companion program to TestDisk. The app is quite powerful when it comes to data recovery and I have seen many experts advising to use this tool especially when deep disk recovery isn’t necessary.
  • Restoration is basically a small portable recovery tool that can be used in all versions of windows and windows file systems. Although this software lacks some advanced functionality yet it does have those basic file name search and other facilities.
  • Undelete Plus, the name itself suggests being a data recovery tool, especially used for commercial software. The file recovery app works for all versions of windows. Here you can simply sort the file type on the basis of time and size so that you do not have to go over each and every file on your disk.

So these are some of the top data recovery tools on hand to consider when you need to recover emergency data.

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