Fix Exchange Server Backup Error ‘Incremental Backup Cannot be Performed While Circular Logging is Enabled’

Backup is most important as it helps to restore the data in case of data corruption or data damage. It is always advised to create a backup of Exchange Server database as files can be recovered whenever there is a problem with EDB files or database log files. But, the main problem occurs whenever there is an error when starting the backup.

One such error is ‘Incremental Backup Cannot be Performed While Circular Logging is Enabled’. First, it is necessary to understand what an incremental backup is or full backup. Check out the details as given:

Full Backup: By full backup we mean, saving all the files of the database in addition to the new files.

Incremental Backup: The incremental backup, saves only those files in which changes are made apart from storing the complete database. This even reduces the space and makes backup faster.

While many users go for incremental backup they often face error ‘Backup cannot be performed due to circular logging is enabled’

What is Circular Logging in Database

Circular logging is enabled as it saves the space in MS Exchange Server preventing the log files to build upon the server. Only 4 transaction files are created and when the 4th log is full, it does not create an extra log file but goes to first log file and make changes so on to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and again 1st. As the transaction log sequence is not consistent incremental backup cannot be performed. So, disabling the Circular logging will resolve the “Incremental Backup Cannot be Performed While Circular Logging is Enabled” error.

How to Disable Circular Logging in Exchange

  • Go to Exchange Server and Login as administrator
  • On the left side, click on Servers and then click on databases
  • Select the mailbox database and click on the edit icon
  • Go to properties and then click on Maintenance
  • You will see the option Enable Circular logging, select option ‘Turn Off’
  • Click on save and close properties
  • Go to the mailbox database and click on the more icon, select the option dismount database
  • The database view will change, go to mailbox database>> More and then select mount database.
  • This will disable the circular logging in the database.
  • Now you can take incremental backup of the database without facing any error message.

Exchange Server Mailbox Backup Software

If you faced any problem then try the Exchange Server Mailbox Backup tool. This tool easily back up the database with its easy to use GUI. You can schedule a backup database and run a full/ incremental backup without any data loss. The Software also supports bare metal backup and generates log files to check the activities performed. Download Exchange Server Backup tool and save your database files.

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