Delete Message Stuck in Outlook Outbox

Outlook is one of the largest and widely used mail client across the globe. It provides various features but also it is one of the complex one. Outlook has so many addons that are customized by users according to their preference. However if a message is sent larger than size of mail server, it will stuck in Outbox. Moreover if user tries to delete messages than it shows Outlook has begun transmitting this message error.

If the size of the message is large you may try to delete some contents like removing attachments, media or other files but it will still display the transmitting error. In order to delete message from Outlook outbox and prevent the “Outlook has begun transmitting this message error” follow the below given methods

Three Ways to Remove Stuck Mail in Outlook Outbox

Making the Message Size small

  • One of the method to send the message that is in Outlook Outbox is lowering its size
  • Open Outlook and go to Outbox
  • Now select the message that is stuck, right click on it
  • Select the option Remove Attachment and send it
  • The message will be sent without attachment and you can send the attachment via different mode.

Bill’s Method

Another method to remove message from Outbox in Outlook is by using Bill’s Method

  • Close the Outlook and exit from application completely
  • You can make sure by looking at Task manager, or closing the application from there
  • Go to Windows start menu and search for Outbox
  • Now open Outbox and select the message
  • Select the Delete option to remove message
  • Users can search as store:mapi outbox to reduce search time

Work Offline

delete outbox mail in outlook

  • Another method is working offline in Outlook
  • Open Outlook and go to File menu
  • You will see the link ‘Work Offline’
  • Click on the menu and outlook will be set to offline mode
  • Go to Outbox and delete the message

In this way you can get rid of message stuck in Outlook outbox and continue your work

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