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Windows is a complex OS and one should maintain it carefully to run smoothly. The files stored in folders should be properly organized to make file browsing easy and error-free. These precautions keep the OS in a normal state and prevent it from file corruption. However, there are many external factors that are the major causes of Windows data loss. To get back files from such scenarios one must go for ‘Recoverit Best Windows Data Recovery Tool’

There are several reasons that corrupt the operating system files. While users take every step to avoid data loss one must be aware of the situations that result in such scenarios

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Causes of Windows Data Loss

  • Virus Affected Files: The major cause of file loss is a virus. It may enter to system files via mail, installing software from untrusted sources or copying files via pen drive, USB, or any other external device.
  • Interruptions While Moving Data: Most of the time if the system lags while copying files from one folder to another it gets freeze leaving no other operation than to terminate it. This results in data loss.
  • Window Updates: When the system is not updated to available updates from a long time the files become corrupt.
  • Power Shutdown: A common cause of windows file loss, if the data is not fully saved
  • Accidentally Deleting Files: Sometimes while deleting the files in bulk, important files also get deleted, so it also causes data loss
  • Hardware issues: Hard disk error or corruption of files also cause data loss.

These are the common factors of data loss in windows and the lost data can be retrieved only by Recoverit Best Windows Data Recovery Tool’ because of its excellent Features

best windows data recovery tool

Salient Features of RecoverIt Best Windows Data Recovery Tool

Support External and Internal File Recovery: The data recovery software can recover files from the internal hard disk in windows as well as the attached external drives. The software recovers entire data files from SD card, pen drive, USB stick, external hard disk, CD/ DVD, and other items.

Recovery of All File Types: The recovery software has an algorithm that is able to identify all the lost and deleted files in windows. It can be used to recovery Photos, videos, audio files, documents, and other files like ZIP, RAR, and also installed software files.

Recover Email Files Too: In addition to the recovery of general data types, email recovery software is able to get back PST, DBX, EMLX, and other email types. So, you do not need a separate outlook PST recovery software as the windows recovery tool does the task.

Recover Lost/ Damaged/ Formatted Data: Many times it happens that when we insert a card it asks for formatting to become usable, this results in data loss but the data recovery tool makes the file recovery easy as it has the technology to get back formatted data. Moreover lost and deleted partitions are also backed up by software.

Selective Recovery: When the files get lost, there are certain files that are the causes of data loss, hence these files can be left out by making selections and filtering data on the basis of date, file type, size, and other parameters. It also makes the recovery process faster as there are fewer files to be recovered.

Recover Data From Empty Recycle Bin: If you have deleted files with Shift+ Delete option then these files do not go to empty folders and get permanently deleted this makes the file recovery very difficult however use of Recoverit Data Recovery tool helps them to get the files back in a proper manner.

Three-Step Process: The Recovery tool just requires 3 steps to get back deleted files. i.e. Select, Scan, and Recover. Just select the drive, scan it with the tool, and recover them without any error. This makes the data recovery software convenient and easy to use.

Compatibility: The Windows Data Recovery software is designed in a professional manner so that it can benefit a large number of users. So, the recovery tool is compatible with Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista and works in these versions without any issues.

So, the recovery tool provides lots of benefits to users and thus makes the windows file recovery process and easy task.

Price and License

Details Recoverit Pro Recoverit Ultimate
Price $39.95 (1 PC for 1 Year License) $59.95 (1 PC for 1 Year License)
Second Option $49.95 (1 PC for Lifetime License) $69.95 (1 PC for Lifetime License)
Volume License $79.95 (2 to 5 PCs with 1 Year) $111.95 (2 to 5 PCs with 1 Year)

How to Recover Files in Windows

If the recovery is to be done for external storage media then attach it to the computer first, else simply start the tool

  • Launch the windows data recovery tool in your system
  • Select the recovery type among deleted files recovery, recycle bin recovery, lost partition recovery, virus attack recovery or select All-around recovery

recoverit windows data recovery

  • The tool will then list the drives in windows, select the drive for recovery and proceed next
  • The Recovery tool will begin scanning the drive for lost and deleted items

select disk for recoverit windows recovery

  • Once the scan gets completes, it will display the folders and files
  • You can display items in ‘Tree View’ or ‘Files View’

recoverit preview files for recovery

  • Now view the data items and then select files to recover
  • Click on the ‘Recover’ button and then save the files in your computer

recoverit windows file recovered

So, this is the method by which lost/ deleted files get recovered in Windows OS. The ‘Recoverit Data Recovery Software’ helps to get back files from every situation possible and retrieve your data files in the original form.

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