Videos now serve several purposes, teachers used them for tutorials, Vloggers use the videos for travelling videos and entertainment industry directly rely on videos. So, they serve major purposes. However, to connect the global audience, video editors prefer to add subtitles to video so that it can be easily understood. A Hollywood movie scene having a small clip of the Russian language will not be understood by the English audience, so the makers embed English subtitles corresponding to that particular scene. So, how one can create permanent subtitles in a video?

  • Create Permanent Embedded Subtitle Videos
  • Support Multiple Vidoe Formats
  • Import ASS and SRT Subtitle File
  • Edit Subtitle Styling and Display
  • Change Position of Subtitle
  • Creates a new Video File
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC
  • Easy to Use Tool

Add Permanent Subtitles to Videos

It is very annoying when you need to add subtitle file every time when you run the video. Moreover, there are chances the SRT file is not available. Gilisoft Subtitle creator permanently add the subtitle to the video. So, when it starts to play, subtitles are automatically displayed.

Edit Subtitle Format

Suppose some of the video or clip is dark and intense, having bright colour subtitles with funny fonts will disturb the viewers. Thus Gilisoft Subtitle maker offers the option to modify subtitles by changing their font and position on the screen. Editors can choose from multiple font styles and change colour as required.

Preview Changes Instantly

Gilisoft subtitle maker instantly previews the changes made to subtitles in the video screen, so if any change is made to subtitle fonts or colour it appears on the screen and you can check which fits right. Modify the subtitle position on the screen so that it does not cover important elements in the video.

Vidoe and Subtitle Support

The Gilisoft Subtitle Video Creator supports multiple video files in MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP and other formats. The software is capable to import ASS, SRT subtitle files and embed these subtitles to videos. So, this offers the editors to use subtitle maker with any video file with SRT and ASS subtitle format.

Make New Video File

The tool completely takes care of the items in the original video file and thus do not make changes to it. Gilisoft subtitle creator embed subtitles and save this as a new video file. Editors can select the output of video format via the 'Output Settings' button while adding the subtitles to the file.

Easy to Use

The Gilisoft subtitle maker is very easy to use. In just 4 to 5 steps users can add the permanent subtitles to video files without any interruptions. Just follow the correct order and you will get a new subtitle embedded video file. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Gilisoft Subtitle Maker Free Download

Check the functions of Subtitle maker and download it for free, preview and add subtitles to the vidoe



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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Gilisoft subtitle maker has easy to use interface which make it easier to create subtitles

  • Start the software and select the video file to which you want to add subtitles
  • click on subtitle button and import SRT or ASS file
  • Make changes to subtitles colour, position, font as you wish
  • Select the video output format and location to save file
  • Finally,click on the start button

A: No, the Gilisoft subtitle maker permanently add the subtitles to the video, so they are shown the nest time video is played.

A: Not at all, the tool takes complete care that the quality of file is not lost, it preserves the quality and save the files in Full HD, Bluray, 4K, MP4 with same quality of the original file.

A: The software supports Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista/ 2003/ 2002 and it is also available for Mac operating system.

A: The Gilisoft subtitle tool enhance the quality of vidoe and present it in more vivid colours. Moreover it provides the option to save Output video file in other format.

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