Enjoy the multiple file transfer protocol in single software with 100% security from anywhere with Wing FTP Server. The Wing FTP Server Software comes with a web-based interface that enables it to use from anywhere. The tool offers various benefits to its clients like multiple file transfer protocol, FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and SFTP. Share files using web-link and send e-mail notifications of various events. The Wing FTP Server meets the current server requirements and support IPv6 rules. Try and use the software across multiple OS platform.

  • Compatible with multiple Operating Systems
  • Can be used with a web-browser
  • Check the performance of Server
  • Safe and Secure File Transfer
  • Comes with SFV Checker
  • Schedule Tasks with Lua Scripts
  • Support for Multiple Domains
  • Support up to 14 languages

Supports Multiple Transfer Protocol

As per the need of administrators the Wing FTP Server Software is not limited only up to FTP file transfer protocol but it can be used over FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS web client and free client FTP Rush for FTP/ SFTP file transfer too. With multiple file support it comes with cross platform OS installation and can be used installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris.

Web-based Interface

Unlike other FTP server software which runs only with desktop based application, the Wing FTP Server software is a web-based tool. You only require a web-browser to run the tool and thus it provides the flexibility to use it from anywhere anytime. It is compatible with popular web-browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera and many others.

Multiple Domain Support

Wing FTP Server Software comes with the option to run multiple virtual servers on same IP address. This makes the file transfer across server easier and simpler. So, Wing FTP Server removes the need to have multiple tools for each server.

High Availability of Cluster

To meet the load balancer needs the software comes with Wing Gateway by which critical data can be prevented to be stored in the DMZ. The connections made to server are distributed to multiple WingFTP server machines. The tool let you add or remove the nodes without interrupting the transfer process.

Comes with Event Manager

Wing FTP Server Software is designed to give minimum stress to user and automate every process. Event Manager in WingFTP let users to execute Lua Script. With rich set of API’s the Lua Script can be called to schedule the tasks. Lua Scripts will execute the program at a specific time at which they are set.

Anti-Hammering and FIPS 140-2 Usage

Wing FTP Server software ensures proper security for file migration and it uses OpenSSL FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module. With its advanced security system it prevents hackers from brute force attacks. Moreover, it transfer files using encryption via FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (FTP over SSH).

Share Files Without Login

The FTP Server gives users the flexibility to share files without login. User can share the files using a link and even request for data with a simple URL. So, one does not require to sign to account and view request simply, click on the link and save files on the device. Advancing its file storage method XML files can be used to save user data.

Virtual Directories and Create Reports.

With Wing FTP Server Software users can map the virtual directories to physical directories or mapped drives for virtual directories. The tool takes complete care of every user and allows them to assign individual disk space, ratio and bandwidth. The activities carried out by Wing FTP Server tool can be saved in a database to analyze them. It records all the transactions and after observing them user can create reports in real-time.

Full Security File Transfer

The software enables users to configure IP access rules to allow or deny the FTP server. With its fast SFV checker user can verify the integrity of files on the server side to ensure complete and secure FTP transfer.

Wing FTP Server software Free Download

Download the trial version of software and migrate from at least 10 user accounts per domain. Test the software qualities in trial version.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: WingFTP android app let you manage the server in the go, so wherever you are launch the app and manager FTP files easily.

A: As the tool receives updates, old account may hamper with the operation and file transfer. With WingFTP Server software you can set the expiration date and they will be removed thereafter.

A: Server Administrator are mostly busy and it is difficult to find time to each task with Wing FTP server users can call Lua scripts and schedule task at a specified time.

A: Yes, The Wing FTP lets you try an online demo on its website with web-based interface and then you can download Wing FTP Server Free providing at least 10 user accounts per domain. The best feature is that free version offers access to unlimited domains.

A: Covering the global market the Wing FTP Server Software is available in 14 languages including English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Espanol, and many others.