Traffic Inspector from Smart-Soft is a proficient internet usage, network security and access control software. Loaded with latest and advanced technologies this tool gives you complete control over the Local Area Network in your office, enterprise, school or university. Protect your data on network with its efficient spam-filter and anti-phishing technology. The Traffic Inspector Network Security Tool offers to control the web-content, filter it, and set rules for web-access. With its advanced technology one can select what type of content will enter or leave the organization. The most beneficial feature of this tool is that it shows what user browses on the web and set blockage policies over the content.

  • Complete Network Security with Antivirus Add-ins
  • Efficient Internet Content Management Tool
  • Create Network policies
  • Access Internet via NAT
  • Powerful Bandwidth Limiter
  • Multiple Login Methods to Network Access
  • Bill for Services and Data Usage
  • Excellent Permission Management System
  • View Detailed Information in Log Reports

Multi-Layer Network Security System

Smart-Soft Traffic Inspector comes with a multi-layer network security to ensure virus and malware free network with-in the organization. The tool has smart Flood Mitigation System which blocks the users who generate excessive network traffic on the organization’s internal network. Moreover it has a powerful firewall which protects from external network attacks as they are blocked at the entrance without harming any files.

Kaspersky Plug-in for Virus Removal

The software has integrated SMTP Gateway that is designed to filter spam and unwanted mails. So, if the Traffic Inspector detects that the mail violate the guidelines set on the network and does not meet up the email properties it gets in spam folder. On the other hand the Kaspersky Plug-in with Traffic inspector performs it tasks and removes viruses over the network.

Advanced Routing Methods

Traffic Inspector gives multiple options to access the internet in your office or home via dial-up, ISDN, Cable, DSL and WiFi. It make sure that internet from all these mediums is completely secure and make it possible to access internet via integrated HTTP/ SOCKS Proxy.

Backup Internet Connection

If the Primary internet connection is not available the Traffic Inspector’s Connection failover backup connection for continuous connection availability and avoid downtime or connection loss. Unlike other tools which make traffic routing decisions only on IP Address of destination host, it includes various matching criteria too.

Network Access on Logon

The Traffic Inspector allows to automatically import the users from the active directory. It is compulsory to login and authenticate yourself before accessing the internet. The tool provides multiple login options like Windows Authentication, in-built traffic Inspector Authentication, IP/MAC/VLAN ID-based authentication and authentication via TI Agent, TI Web Agent or TI Web proxy.

Powerful Internet Management Tool

The Traffic Inspector software has various tools that enable it to administrate properly. User can check what is happening over the network in real-time and the tool sends custom email notification about the speed, and status of internet connection and consumption of internet by user.

Give Permission to Other Users

Traffic Inspector has an MMC-based console , which is very easy to use and let admin control all the settings easily. All the options are available in console to monitor organization internet connection. Moreover, One can assign the administrative control to other as Traffic Inspector sub-systems for better network management.

Billing Method and Traffic Prioritization

Traffic Inspector gives the option to bill group of users on traffic-based or time-based internet consumption. Moreover, it offers to split the bandwidth between users and prioritize flow of network.

Create Log Reports

Traffic Inspector has the option to create log report of the entire process. So, one can use it track internet usage and view it in easy to understand report. The report can be saved with-in the software and downloaded later.

Traffic Inspector Network Security Tool Free Edition

Test the Quality and Features of Traffic Inspector Network Manager in Practical by Working on Trial Version Free of Cost



  • No of users
  • 05 users ($ 141.75)
  • 10 users ($246.40)
  • 15 users (351.05)
  • 20 users ($436.67)
  • 25 users ($522.39)
  • 30 users ($607.92)
  • 40 users ($779.16)
  • 50 users ($950.40)
  • 75 users ($1378.51)
  • 100 users ($1797.11)
  • 150 users ($2567.71)
  • 200 users ($3319.28)
  • Unlimited ($4565.56)

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Try the following steps

  • From the Administrative console click on Users and Groups
  • Now select Import Users and then choose Network Scan
  • Select the available network and click on scan
  • The user available on that network will appear and you can create user list

A: This network management tool can be used to control web-access over Ehernet, WiFi, PPP, VPN, L2TP, and tag based VLAN.

A: The tool provides secure communication to SSL certificate-based secure communications between User Agent and gateway, web browser and Web Portal.

A: Try the following steps

  • From Admin console click on Modules
  • Select the option ‘Traffic Inspector Anti-spam powered by kaspersky’
  • Click on Actions and then scan
  • The spam mails will be deleted and the information about items scanned, infected, excluded will appear

A: Click on the Reports section from admin console and then expand internet usage reports, click on different options to check report.