Titlebee is a professional subtitle maker tool that creates beautiful subtitles in seconds with a few clicks. Individuals in the field of video-making, Youtubers, students can use this amazing subtitle application to add subtitles to video. Titlebee Subtitle Maker adopts a unique way to edit subtitles on timeline interface. and acceptance of any video format it is used by various professionals and artists. The tool let you convey the message with its precise subtitle synchronization and generation. Subtitles created with Titlebee can be used with various media players and embed in to video easily. Finding problems in creating videos? Well, check it out! Now it's possible to create videos and add subtitles.

  • Create Subtitles with Beautiful Fonts and Vivid Colors
  • Edit Subtitles by Pausing videos
  • Manipulate Subtitles Easily
  • Play the Video and Quickly Spot the created subtitles
  • Print Subtitles on the Image Frame
  • Use tool with MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, FLV and other video formats
  • Render Already created Subtitles of same style in new video
  • Bookmark Subtitles for long videos
  • Backup the Created Subtitles on Cloud for easy access

Timeline Editing of Subtitles

Titlebee comes with a innovative method to edit articles that let users to make accurate subtitles fast and get it done right. Moreover, to achieve 100% precision Sound is represented in waveform so that the sound synchronization directly match with the words.

Create Beautiful Subtitle

Titlebee comes with more than 100 different effects that can be used for creating wide variety of subtitles. Change the font, its size, select different colors, add borders, shadows, bounding frames to make mix it with the type of video in which they are to be used.

Eliminate Edit Render and Display Cycle

Most of the software’s comes with the method to edit the subtitle, then upload them to video and check by playing it. This method is very time consuming and does not give quality output. Titlbee subtitle maker on the other hand let users to play, pause and stop the video and modify subtitles for that particular scene. Choose where you want to display the subtitles in video frames.

Easy Time Control of Video

Timings serve as the most important factor in creating subtitles, a difference of micro second makes the video appear un-professional and confusing. The tool let you control the speed and slow down the video for better understanding. The speech in the video gets automatically repeated for accurate transcription.

Use with Multiple Video Format

The format of the video file affects its quality and so does the subtitles. With Titlebee subtitle maker one can import any type of file without reconverting it. The tool exports video in MP4, MOV, M2TS, MPEG, AVI, WMV, FLV and many others.

Export File in Multiple Format

This excellent tool gives option to save the created subtitles in multiple formats. With Titlebee Subtitle generator one can save the file in popular formats like SRT, SCC or STL. These formats are accepted by multi-media players and can be previewed easily. The subtitles can be embedded in MKV files so that there is no requirement to upload them.

Change Subtitles at Ease

The software not only create subtitles but also offers various functions to manipulate them. The start and End of a subtitle string can be changed with few keys and click of mouse. Split the sentence of previous frames or merge string that is required to display at specific time with Titlebee software. The software also comes with copy, paste and undo facility for fast and accurate subtitling.

Language Support

Subtitles are mainly required when the language in video is different and the listener is different. Titlebee supports all the languages from A to Z with complex scripts. The software comes with font family of Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and many more.

NLE Import

The software comes with the option to export completed subtitle tracks to NLE software such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut and Avid Media Composer. The completed tracks are exported as an Overlay MOV video file with transparency ready software.

Titlebee Subtitle Maker Free Download

Add, Edit, Create Subtiteles with Titlebee Subtitle Maker for Free up to 3 Projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Use the steps

  • You can just double click on the location of trackview or
  • Highlight the location of trackview
  • Right click and select New menu item

A: Titlebee divides the long duration of videos in small chunks and then changes are made to these chunks and then merge for to create the full subtitled movie.

A: The final subtitles can be added as soft subtitles (allowing them to ON or OFF) while embedding the subtitles is printing the subtitles in image frames.

A: Yes, Titlebee is the software that gives an interface to edit multiple subtitle tracks to edit alongside one another for easy comparison.

A: Changing the format of the video files, change the frame rates which ultimately result in changing the sync of subtitles. Titlebee enables users to change the position of and framerate of subtitles at a single click.