How good it is that when your get the features of software without installing it in system. Contour Business Intelligence Portal or abbreviated as Contour BI is a web-based application that gives you the platform for publishing interactive reports. Specifically designed for large number of users with small data or work groups using very large reports the Countour BI is the best data management software which can be used with desktops, smartphones and tablets. What Countour BI is popularly known is creating files remotely with Countour reporter and share the projects with other authors.

  • Easily Export Data from Existing timesheet to TimeLive
  • Customize the software easily as per your need
  • Expense Tracker keeps records of finances
  • Billing with respective to the time consumed
  • Transfer between TimeLive and QuickBooks easily
  • Customize Reports easily with respective to project
  • Comes with Time Off management tool
  • Integrate TimeLive with your project
  • Open Source Code available for developers

Timesheet Tracker

The TimeLive Timesheet tracker tool has ‘Track My Time’ feature which helps managers to monitor the time spent by an employee on specific tasks and increase their efficiency leading to increase in organization productivity. Check the productivity pattern of the staff and motivate them to achieve desired productivity.

Comply with DCCA Timesheet

Livetecs Timelive time tracking software complies with the DCCA timesheet guidelines making it easy for Government contractors to document DCCA requirements. The software has automate approval workflow and email notification feature to alert the team members and facility for super-visor to enter timesheet on behalf of employees.

Track Expenses in a Project

The software has an expense tracking sheet in which managers make the entries for expenditure to a specific project. The tracking software helps to manage the resources appropriately helping to cut down the un-necessary process in project cycle or providing a optimized solution to eliminate the step to reduce expenses which will work in long term.

Customized Approval Path

Managers can set an approval path that is adapted by the organization and Timelive tracking tool will work in its accordance sending notifications to designated professionals automatically when it is ready to be approved. This eliminates the need for sending manual emails. This intelligent tool also sends notifications about pending tasks and changes made in process in product development.

Used as a Budgeting Tool

Identifying the resources and time required for a project are the basic factors of budgeting. Managers have to think about the finances, skills, time, resources that are to be needed to complete a project so as to allot budget to the project. TimeLive Timesheet Tracker tool takes all these factors in to account and previous experiences of the team members to create the total budget for the software.

TimeLive QuickBooks Integration Manager

TimeLive software gives you the perfect integration tool to transfer the data to QuickBooks Timesheet to sent invoice for the work completed. It gives options to migrate data as employee, vendor, customer, vendor bills and others. The integration manager assists Project Managers step by step for data transfer.

Send E-mail Notifications

The TimeLive Timesheet tracking software automatically send the e-mails to concerned person at the time of project cycle. The notification feature helps to remind employess about their pending tasks. Moreover, if the customized approval path is set it also sends reminders to managers regarding approval so that the project does not get delayed.

Create Invoices for the Project

TimeLive Tracking software also have the option to create invoices for customers. It accumulates the expense and time that is invested in the project and then prepare a customizable invoice including the logo, footers and currency agreed with the client.

Open Source Code to Create Timesheet

Livetec Timelive gives you the option to get open source code to make changes as per requirements. Rebrand the product and make it yours by making changes to the code and sell it to customers.

TimeLive TimeSheet Software Online Demo

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  • Hosted Version(6) Free
  • Hosted Premium(50 Users) 178.84 EUR
  • Hosted Enterprise(Unlimited Users) 357.69 EUR
  • Web Premium (50 Users) 2235.54 EUR
  • Web Premium (Plus) Version (100 Users) 3129.75 EUR
  • Web Enterprise Version (Unlimited Users) 4471.07 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, TimeLive Timesheet tracker gives flexibility to managers to track the employees timesheet daily, bi-weekly, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

A: Yes, this smart tool has features that allow managers to schedule the time-Off on behalf of their employees.

A: TimeLive custom path approval plays an important role, it already bills the time and expenses that are approved by managers at various stages so in the final phase you need to add only pending and completed tasks for final billing.

A: Developers can take advantage of TimeLive timesheet tool source code to create their own software. The code can be modified and they can get branding rights as per source code agreement and license and sell it to other customers.

A: Livetecs has designed the Timesheet so that it can be run on web-based interface which make it accessible globally anywhere from the world using a browser.