Social Media and broadcasting has now become the new trend to share information about an event or any incident directly to users. With applications using RTMP protocol Streamaxia OpenSDK is one 8 powerful set of libraries for Android OS to stream videos live online. It’s innovative technology helps to link with Android app in seconds and bring the information directly to user’s device. Streamaxia works with low-latency live video streaming library without any limitations to CDN network. The tool is perfect for beginners to teach them from start and get custom with video streaming. The tool promises high quality video on major platforms like Youtube live, Facebook live, Microsoft Azure and many others.

  • Use any CDN Network Running of RTMP Protocol
  • Easily Integrate with any Android Device
  • Create Your Own Live Video Broadcasting App
  • Stream Videos from anywhere to any location
  • Works on Low latency principle
  • Drag and Drop option
  • High Definition video streaming without glitches
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Support Major live Video Streaming applications

Use Any CDN or Media Server

The Streamaxia tool is available to use with any CDN network, or Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) Media Server and other related servers. With no limitations to channels the software can be used to broadcast the live video on any channel.

Comply with DCCA Timesheet

Easy to Integrate with Apps: Do you have a news sharing android applications, then make it more interactive by integrating the Streamaxia Open SDK android library and present your customers with political, sports, videos directly from the event without any delay. With a simple drag and drop option Streamaxia libraries can be included in android app.

Stream HD Videos without Cropping

Libraries included in the Streamaxia Open SDK support streaming of High definition HD quality videos in both portrait and landscape mode. Whatever be the screen size of the device, it enables you to view videos without cropping the frames of the video appear full in small screen devices so that they do not miss any essential information.

Create Live Stream Android App

The Streamaxia Open SDK video library let developers to create their own open source video streaming apps. Just apply few changes and publish your app in Google play store. Share live videos online as Streamaxia whitelabel its contents and let users to add custom options, logo that meet your requirements.

No Video Congestion

The main aim of the Streamaxia Open SDK android library is to give non-stop congestion free video streaming quality to its users. Whether the network speed is low its algorithms shows the video in better quality. Easily switch in between front and rear camera to give a personal touch to the videos.

Custom Broadcast Solutions

The Streamaxia Open SDK library gives custom options to broadcast the video to limited users or millions. Depending upon the android application and your audience, select the right option and stream videos without any issues. The software has all the tools to help as per the requirements.

Low Latency Stream

Televise videos libraries on android application by achieving low latency broadcast and transmit the video in fast manner if the network connection is low or the internet speed is less. The video does not get stopped and runs smoothly.

Free Media Player

Another benefit of Streamaxia Open SDK tool is that it comes with a open player for android, so you doesn’t required any other player to include libraries as Streamaxia provides its own media player for free with better video library support

Save Video on Device

What could be better than saving the video for future to watch it properly in free time. Yes, the Streamaxia Open SDK for android save the live video on the device and user can view it later when they have time.


  • $15000
  • Lifetime Validity
  • Buy now

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The libraries can be included with popular applications like Facebook, Youtube, Adobe Media Server, Microsoft Azure, Twitch, Periscope, Red5, and many others.

A: To integrate the Streamaxia libraries basic knowledge of Java programming knowledge is required or you can simply take help of the support team to know instructions how to use libraries.

A: Users having news android app, exam preparation app, live match streaming apps like football, cricket, and others which provide great content will be benefit with the Streamaxia video libraries.

A: For now the live streaming Streamaxia libraries can be used with Android API version 16 or above and with continuous updates it becomes compatible with coming android versions.

A: Well, it comes with drop and drag option that quickly integrates with android app making app available to stream videos instantly.