Multiple accounts in a single Outlook application result in creation of multiple PST file which makes it difficult for user to manage. Too many files in Outlook degrade it's performance and become a major cause of PST corruption. Thus, use the Stellar merge mailbox for Outlook and combine all data items such as emails, contacts, Notes, calendars, to single PST without modifying any data.

  • No Limitation to PST File Size
  • Combine As many as PST Files you want
  • Remove duplicate entries and contacts while merging
  • Combine encrypted/ password protected PST files
  • Combine PST files without any data loss
  • Avoid Deleted and Junk Folders While Merging
  • Save the combined file as new PST, existing PST or Office 365 file
  • Easy to use friendly interface
  • Compatible with major version of Outlook
  • Create Log Report of PST joining

Easily Join PST Files

Multiple PST files can be selected by user and then these files are added in the software to create a new PST. The user-fiendly interface of Stellar PST merger makes it possible for users to combine all PST files and create a new PST. Just follow the correct order and get a new PST file.

No PST File Size Restriction

PST files available in Outlook could be of any size, user can have PST of 10 GB while other PST could be of 2 GB only, combining all these files will create a large size PST. Thus the Stellar Merger Mailbox of PST is designed to accomodate PST file of any size. However for better functioning, you should use latest version of Outlook that can handle this single PST.

Combine Encrypted PST Files

For safety reasons user set password on OST and PST files, It may protect the PST from unauthorized access but becomes a issue when moving, combining, or importing encrypted Files. But, the Stellar PST File Merger software comes over this issue and merge both protected and unprotected PST file in Outlook.

Combine Specific Folders in PST

This feature of Stellar PST Merge software enable to combine selected folders of the PST. User can select contacts, attachments, notes, drafts, sent items, inbox, tasks, journals to combine and form a new single PST file.

Remove Duplicate Entries from PST

Multiple PST files in Outlook may have same date based on sender, email, mostly they are contacts. While merging PST duplicate entries are created, Stellar PST merger provides solution to remove these duplicate entries by sorting on the basis of Subject, Sender Email, and Text while merging.

Preserve Integrity of Files

Combining PST files manually or from untrusted PST merge software's often result in loss of data from the original file, which cannot be recovered, hence Stellar PST Merger software takes complete care that the originality and data of files is not lost. It maintains the integrity of files within the PST.

Does Not Include Deleted and Junk Folders

A PST file is composed of several folders and Deleted /Junk Folders are one of them. These folders contain un-necessary emails, so while merging two or more PST , the Stellar PST merger tool does not consider these folders, thereby reducing the PST file size as well as time in execution.

Save the PST in Different Formats

The PST file formed by combining multiple PST files can be saved to use for Outlook profile, Office 365 account, Exchange Server or existing PST. So, as per requirement select the desired option and save your PST file. The tool also allows to save the entire record in log report, which can be viewed later for detailed analysis.

Support and Compatibility

The Stellar PST Merge tool is compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 and support installation on Windows operating system like Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and previous version.

Free Download Stellar PST Merger

Download the free version of Stellar PST Merger software and test the functions also preview the merged PST file in Software Interface



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Frequently Asked Questions

A: You need to have a Windows Operating system running on Pentium class processor with 1 GB (Minimum) of RAM and 50 MB of hard disk space

When two or more PST files are 'Joined' then it creates multiple folder hierarchies of each PST file in Single PST, however when these files are merged then the respective folders such as Emails, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, merged in to the folder of single PST.

A: Yes, in order to merge two or more PST file in to a single PST the Outlook application must be installed on the system.

A: The time used by the software varies as per the size of PST files, more size of PST will take more time, also the number of PST files combined also affects the time duration.

A: Yes the software has specific folder merge option which allows to combine only contacts from multiple PST files and remove duplicate contacts too.