As far as we are concerned with data recovery, we must be aware of file eraser too, if you are selling old laptop, hard drive or mobile drive then the data should be removed permanently deleted so that it can't be recovered. The Stellar BitRaser tool is an application that removes all your files with settings such that the device appears to be new in terms of content data. Check out some of it's specifications

  • Permanently delete files beyond the scope of recovery
  • Uses Multiple algorithms to save file
  • Supports FAT, exFAT, NTFS file system
  • Search files to Erase
  • Remove chat messages and MS Apps
  • Remove all Internet Activities
  • Generate Task Certificate for File Remove
  • Schedule Erase Task Activity
  • Compatible with all Windows Version

Permanently Delete Files With No Recovery

Stellar BitRaser File erase tool permanently removes the file from the hard- disk sectors and set the drive that it is impossible to recover file by any means. Moreover it analyse the unused space from the drive and then remove any minor files in this sector.

Use 17 Standard Erasure Algorithms

The scale of Stellar BitRaser tool can be measured that it uses not one or two but more than 17 erasure algorithms. Some of the international erasure algorithms are US dod (3/7 pass) wipe, Russian standard GOST-R, Gutmann (35 pass), NATO standard (7 pass), British HMG IS5.

Schedule the Erase Procedures

This is one of the interesting feature of Bitraser tool as users can schedule the erase process. Set the Bitraser task to Once/ Every Day/Every Week/Every Month as per your convenience. The software also offers to show or hide the erasure process.

Remove Data from Emails and Chats

Desktop email applications often have confidential data which should be prevented from unauthorized access, so the software recovery tool removes all the saved login passwords, offline messages, attachments, contacts. Moreover popular messengers like Yahoo, skype uses chats as medium of conversation, these can be removed with this tool.

Search for Specific Files

A user has so many important files in the computer and all these are stored in the hard-disk. To ensure that these files get removed, user can search the files from search option. Input the filename and then erase it by manually searching it. The tool can also be used for verification whether file is removed or not

Generate Task Certificate

If you are working for an organization or using the company's device then when submitting the device you would be required for certificate, then use the Stellar bitraser data recovery software. The information can be saved in the PDF file meet various statutory & regulatory compliance needs.

Delete Internet Activity and MS Apps Data

Applications that uses internet like browsers, store information such as bank account details, payment details and passcodes are completely erased by the Stellar BitRaser software with no way to recover them. It removes all the MS Apps like Windows Explorer, WordPad, Windows Media Player, Management Console, Clip Organizer.

Password Protection of Files

The software comes with the password protection feature which prevents users to access the file. The tool accepts all the type of passwords like alphanumeric passcode providing high security to the tool and your data.

Windows Compatibility

The software is capable of erasing files and folders from all version of Windows operating systems i.e. Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP and Server 2012, 2008 & 2003. The software also supports other external storage devices like drives such as PCs, laptops, USB flash drives, external storage devices, RAID drives and Servers.

Stellar Bitraser Tool Free Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, the software works only on those files that are selected by user. It removes these files beyon recovery and does not alter OS files.

A: Stellar advanced algorithm uses single pass to permanently remove the files. With in a single cycle you can erase the data.

A: The software requires Pentium class processor with 1 GB of RAM and 40 MB hard disk space in your system. The tool can also be used on MAC OS

A: The PDF task certificate can be used with regulatory compliance needs for information security & privacy – SOX, GLB, HIPAA, ISO27001, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS.

A: With Stellar BitRaser tool you can remove files from PC's, laptops, external drives, RAID drives and servers.