Keywords forms the most important aspect in search engine optimization. A single unique keyword can mainatain the top position of website for months if used properly and that's why there is need to search keywords which are rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker is an intelligent tool that runs on smart algorithm and give accurate results in a structured manner. Check out some of the important features of Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker

  • Fast and Efficient Results
  • Interactive Display of Keywords
  • Check SERP Positions as per Keyword
  • Create structural reports for clients
  • High rate of Keyword Accuracy
  • Available for Both Windows and Mac
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Keyword Check on Google, Yahoo, Bing SE

Fast Execution of Keyword Results

Rankaware Keyword Rank tool works in an efficient manner. Its has a smart search algorithm that look for selected keywords and keyword phrase on different search engines and display results on an interactive dashboard with number of keywords and keyword ranks.

Keyword Rank on Several Search Engine

Although, Google is one of the popular and widely used search engine, some of the companies use Bing and Yahoo SE too. Keeping this in mind Rankaware Keyword Rank checker collects results from Google, Bing and Yahoo. The results are displayed in pie charts for better understanding.

Check Keyword Position

The most amazing feature of Rankaware is the manner in which results are shown. The collected data is presented in pie-charts and graph manner, which specifies how many keywords fall in rank 1 to 10, then 11-30, 31 to 100 and so on. It also shows kwyword position is declined, increases or remain unchanged.

Bulk Keyword Check

This is another intersting feature of Rankaware Keyword tool. Yes, multiple keywords and key phrases can be entered and searched foe their ranking at once. The Keyword tool shows the exact match or some words from the phrase in software interface along with their rankings.

Get Results in just 4 Steps

Rankaware Keyword Rank tool minimize the usage and give results in just 4 steps. You only need to add the website, then add keywords to check rank, select the search engines and all done. Related Keyword rankings will be shown in increasing order from 1st to 100

Customize Options to Check ranking

When a website is checked for keyword ranking, the URL is stored on the software interface. So, the next time you want to check keywords for this website, just click on it. The stored URLs are shown on left side and the detailed information along with keyword rank is shown on main interface.

Create Customized Keyword Report

Information collected by Rankaware Keyword software is shown on dasnboard. User just have to click on Report button to get a interactive report. The Edit button allows to customize the report inorder to present it in personalised manner.

User-Frinedly Interface

Rankaware Keyword tool is very easy to use. It's simple user-interface gives detailed information in just 4 steps i.e. Add website, type keywords, select search engine and done. So, getting keyword rank is extremely easy with this tool.

Run Anywhere on Any Device

Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker is flexible enough to be used on any device. Users can install the tool on Windows OS and MAC OS. Rankaware will be soon coming for iOS and Android OS, so that it can be used as a mobile app.

Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker Free Trial

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  • 1 Year Validity
  • Unlimited keywords
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Follow the given steps

  • Start the tool and click on 'Add Website'
  • Now, enter the Keywords and phrases
  • Select the search engine and location
  • Click on Done to know results

A: Yes, Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker tool enables to bulk check keyword ranking with accurate results

A: Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker posses no restrictions on keyword check. The software supports multiple keyword rank check at a time.

A: Yes, you can get a free license code by posting a short review about the software after trying the free version. The code will upgrade your free version.

A: Rankaware Keyword Rank checker free version enables to check rank up to limited keywords. So, try the tool and repair file for Keyword Rank Checker.