Better the content of the web-pages, better the web-site ranking and website content depends upon the keywords. The Moz Pro Ranking Software tracks the site’s keyword ranking performance and gives accurate results. The Software tracks contents of the web-page and then matches it with competitors and give detailed analysis. Moz Pro compares the visibility of pages on different devices like mobile and desktop. With its option to create custom reports it delivers client the perfect reports. It also shows you the keywords that are moved up or down to a defined time limit.

  • Get Best Keyword Research in Less Time
  • Manage and create Keyword lists in one place
  • Keyword Ranking over Week, Month, or specific time range
  • Access Data Across multiple websites
  • Easy to Spot Errors and Suggestions to Fix it
  • Get Optimization score for each webpage
  • Get high quality links to your website
  • Create custom reports and save in PDF format

Thousands of Keyword Suggestions

The Moz Pro website ranking software thoroughly go throw the contents of web-page and suggest keywords by comparing with competitors to bring website on top. It gives fresh keyword and SERP data which is not older than 2 weeks, to maintain the page authority for long time.

Create Keywords and Choose from Metrics

The Moz Pro Keyword software comes with sharp keyword planner where user can add, manage and create keyword and compare, categorize and prioritize them easily in few clicks. Run the keyword function and check which one work out best, strategically include that keyword in content and rank website on top.

Support Across Multiple Devices

Compare your data with related competitors and check where is the flaw, identify the need to gain permanent customers and compare the results on multiple devices. Compare international and local regional search criteria and modify the pages according to that. The Moz Pro Website Ranking software tracks thousands of pages from hundred of countries worldwide.

Filter Search Results

Moz Pro displays the website tracking result in a intuitive manner and give users the flexibility to modify the results on the basis of device, date range, keywords that has been moved up or moved down. The current results and previous results are displayed in a curved manner with time interval dots for better understanding of website tracking.

Monitor Site and Improve Performance

The Moz Pro tool monitors the site performances and show issues that are lacking the website to rank. It identifies the website broken links, missing title tags, syntax errors, page directing to 404 errors and other issues. With one click user can make the changes to achieve maximum outcome.

Quickly Crawl Website

The tool has an innovative scanning engine that goes through page by page quickly no matter how many pages the website has. It divide the errors collected in three categories issue collected, new issues and total issues. With each error generated, the software shows it’s causes, impact and how to fix them.

On-Page Optimization

The Software offers you various features to improve customer experience by optimizing the content. The software suggest recommendations that will meet the customer’s need and how to rank the website higher. Uncover the pages with potential risks and improve them first to avoid site score. Moreover, one can create the content for the website based on the keywords on which other websites are ranked.

Detailed Profile Analysis

The software’s link explorer measures the back links, valuable pages, linking domains and anchor text to get high quality links. With Moz Pro Website Ranking Tool user can create multiple lists with target URLs for which you plan to build links to, then add link prospects and find out when and how they link to your target URLs.

Create Custom Reports

The tool lets the users to create custom reports and share it with your clients and colleagues. Add the titles, modules, simply drag and drop Moz pro charts and graphs. Schedule reports and easily share them with clients and stake holders daily, weekly or monthly.

Moz Pro Website Ranking Tool Free Trial

The Software offers 30 days free trial to analyze the website, recommend keywords, page optimization and global ranking



  • Standard
  • $99/Month
  • 5 Campaigns
  • 300 Keywords
  • Medium
  • $179/Month
  • 10 Campaigns
  • 900 Keywords
  • Large
  • $249/Month
  • 25 Campaigns
  • 1900 Keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, the Moz pro software gives you option to customize the reports as per your brand. Simply drag and drop the company’s logo and edit it as per client’s need easily.

A: Run the tool and easily export website rankings, links, crawl data, in PDF and CSV format. Save the files at desired location and share it directly with your clients.

A: The Moz Pro software determines the page rankings and then sort them by Page Optimization Score. Its tailored SEO recommendations give best results to specify which page to be modified first.

A: The tool comes with a Keyword explorer which can be inserted in page contents, after that it tracks the website and compare results from previous results, audit the websites and suggest further recommendations to bring website on top.

A: The Moz Pro tool offers you the page ranking from major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing across 150+ nations.