If you want to offer your customers smart control systems then none can be better than Iridium Pro. Used to create smart devices the Iridium Pro goes an extra mile and brings the requirements that a customer need thus reducing the task and focusing more on product designing. With Iridium Pro organizations can create an interactive user-interface and integrate any smart equipment with it. Delivering smart voice, sensor controls the Iridium Pro can be used for home and office security systems, light control, climate detector. To provide better services to clients and users the software comes with Iridium Server, studio to develop an application, an app for end-users and database of drivers.

  • Featured Development Environment with all tools to create an application
  • Good user-interface in no time
  • An App that can work on multiple OS and devices
  • The Server that works with all Gateways
  • Integrate KNX, AMX, Crestron with Voice Assistants
  • Develop Software that enables audio and video streams
  • Easy Integration with IP-Cameras
  • iRidium API with built-in JavaScript
  • Remote control with White or Grey IP-address
  • Integrate Software with Bring Your Own Device

Unique iRidium Studio for Development

The iRidium software comes with a tool to develop software from a single interface. iRidium comes with most automation tools that support a large set of protocols AMX, KNX, HDL, Crestron, Modbus, Helvar, Clipsal, BACnet, Beckhoff, Elko, EP, Lutron, Domintell, MQTT, Duotecno, Global Cache, Larnitech, Z-wave and others.

In-built JavaScript Editor

The Tool comes with an integrated JavaScript editor that helps developers to create software with efficient and smart features. It allows to set complicated scenes and add to project equipment. Moreover, it let the developers test the built application whether the commands are working properly, and all the functions are in order. By the tool, user can easily debug the and save time.

i3 Pro Mobile App

The i3 Pro app that comes with iRidium Pro software is compatible with all type of devices and support Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. With its smart control functions, one can easily control the home, office and apartment sensors. Use i3 Pro app without the server for visualizations task like home cinema, or for AMX, Crestron, KNX or small-scale projects that do not require the server to run.

Act as Gateway Between Different Protocols

The server that comes with iRidium Pro package is capable to work between different protocols. If the organization uses KNX to control lights, shutters and blinds, Modbus protocol for pumps and boilers and IP protocol for AV equipment then iRidium act as a universal gateway and as a single controller for all systems. There is no requirement to choose different protocols for each action.

A Complete Database for Drivers

Control systems for different types of equipment require different protocols like AMX, Clipsal, BAC.net, dominated, EPSNET, ODBC, INELS, and different JS Modules too including Atlona, DoorBird, Kramer, Nest, Hue, Sensibo. The software offers you a complete package of drivers for all equipment controls. Use the iRidium script and JS modules to develop the best and qualitative equipment control.

Compatible with all Voice Controls

The software provides you with a flexible approach and integrates KNX, AMX, Crestron, Modbus, HDL, MQTT, Larnitech, Beckhoff ADS protocols to use with major Voice control devices like Alexa, Google Home, Mobile voice assistants, smart door voice recognition and other similar tools.

Software With Instant Notifications

iRidium Pro control systems are rich with the latest technical features that improve the lifestyle of individuals. To respond immediately for action, the tool can be used to send notifications. It supports a variety of notifications like push, SMS, e-mail, messenger (Telegram, Viber, Slack) and even phone call via SIP.

BYOD control

The software helps hotel staffs, hospitals and security rooms to offer customers personal security devices. iRidium can be used to configure with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) controls that easily set up the controls of the room with personal mobile apps and give users a personal secure feature.

Remote Control

The software offers you various ways of remote control like white IP-adress, VPN or port forwarding grey IP address- DynDNS + VPN or direct control with iRidium remote cloud. Remote control only functions if you have iRidium Server.

iRidum Pro Free Download

Download the Complete Package of Iridium Pro trial version and Check the output results of action in the software.



Frequently Asked Questions

A: With its number of features the iRidum Pro is suitable for usage in smart home applications, door, CCTV, lights and blinds control. Extended the services it can be used by automation systems, IoT devices, create visualization graphics and controls.

A: Once the application is built, the iRidium needs internet only to upload and update control panels when it is done, the entire project can be run over Local Area Network. So, there is no need of internet connection.

A: The iRidium Pro directly interacts with the integrated equipments unless there is need of some specific functions to be executed by the server.

A: No, there is no necessity to download the full package, you can create your own like which server will be suitable according to the task, panels required to control the project, drivers and other functionalities.

A: Yes, Before starting with the complete package customers can get familiar with the trial version and check iRidium server functions, equipments supported, quality of action performed and many others.