Office 365 has become the ultimate solution for all organizations. The cloud-based technology lets users access applications from anywhere and shares it with others. However, it is necessary to manage Office 365 to avoid any failure. As lots of users are linked to the cloud there is always a chance of data loss from the mailbox. ExchangeTasks 365 is an ultimate tool to manage the data and users on cloud or On-premises Exchange. With its efficient features, administrators can manage exchange mailboxes without any security issues and give users a perfect working environment.

  • Easy to perform actions on multiple mailboxes in Exchange Server
  • Easily manage Users and Groups in Office 365
  • Option to look upon multiple Exchange Accounts from the Software interface
  • Amazing GUI for better email management
  • Works on On-premise Server without Internet
  • Run bulk operations on multiple objects
  • Manage the Office 365 Licenses in Cloud
  • Centralized Management Tool for Exchange Server
  • Compatible with all versions of Exchange and Office 365

Works with Server Without Internet

Well, most of the software fails to work out with On-premises Exchange Server if there is no internet connection but ExchangeTasks 365 removes this discrepancy and let users manage on-premises servers without internet connectivity.

Best for Administrators

The U-btech ExchangeTask 365 is the ultimate tool for administrators. It gives a centralized platform to the Exchange Administrators to look upon the changes in server and easily manage it. With this tool, the admins can analyze the changes and modify them as per the organization needs.

Complete Control of Users

U-btech ExchangeTask 365 software offers complete control to admins to manage user’s mailbox, groups, and public folders. It maintains the standardization of Exchange Server and then optimizes it to give better output. All the folders, groups are managed by software to provide error-free functioning.

Office 365 License Management

Different users are given different license version of Office 365 as per their roles in the organization. ExchangeTasks 365 notifies about the Office 365 license to a specific user profile, its renewal, expiration time.

Support All Type of Platform

The ExchangeTasks 365 software supports all type of Office 365 and Exchange. It accepts both 32 bit and 64 bit Exchange platforms and manages them in an efficient manner so that the user does not face any interference in working.

Execute Action on Multiple Objects at same time

Most of the time it is observed that a large set of Exchange accounts are affected with the same type of issues, like considering a virus attack. ExchangeTask 365 has the option to repair and remove virus from all the accounts with a single click. It selects the affected accounts and then runs an algorithm to protect it from virus attacks.

Works with Office 365 and Exchange Server

ExchangeTask 365 tool is designed to work with both Office 365 and On-Premises Exchange Server. The tool manages all the applications in a single software interface. Administrators can easily work with users, manage mailboxes and groups without any problem.

Mailbox Count and Validity

The ExchangeTask comes in various a version where it offers lifetime validity usage with unlimited mailbox count. So, try this software and make it easier for both the organization and users to manage mailbox.


ExchangeTasks 365 software is compatible with Windows Operating System i.e. Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 7 and support MS Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. It also works with all editions of Office 365.

ExchangeTasks 365 Trial Version

The trial version offers full functionalities up to 14 days after installation. Download and Manage Office 365 accounts Now.



Frequently Asked Questions

A: You just need the administrative permissions of the local machine on which the device is installed on and some basic PowerShell commands to install the software.

A: Yes, The tool is completely safe. The settings which you make remain safe within your user profile.

A: Local Exchange Servers like that of your own does not pose any limitations and work faster, however while connecting with Office 365 Microsoft runs some check, but once connected it will work same.

A: With free ExchangeTask 365 task you can manage 2 user accounts with unlimited mailbox count limit. It supports both Office 365 and On-Premises Exchange Server.