Loaded with an array of outstanding features, this software is apt for those who use Exchange server as a base of communication. It helps taking backup on a scheduled basis or manually to ensure you always have the latest image in case of disaster. The software saves all the items and restores them easily when required.

  • Backup On-premises, Online and Hosted Exchange Server
  • Save Multiple Mailboxes at same time
  • No need of MS Outlook to Backup Files
  • Backup All Mails, Attachments, Files, Notes, Contacts
  • Save Primary, Shared and Public Folders
  • Fast Backup Technique
  • Restore Exchange Backup in PST/ MSG/ EML format
  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The Perfect Exchange Backup Tool

A complete solution to backup Exchange Server is Exchange Server backup tool, which works smoothly and helps you to recover from disasters that may happen anytime. It is an apt solution for full and incremental backup while allowing taking backup up of the complete Exchange Server or selected mailboxes.

Full and Incremental backup

The software comes with several inbuilt options that allow you to choose if you want to take only the Full backup or you want an incremental backup. This is an automated solution, which makes you free once you have configured the required settings. Incremental saves only items which are updated or added after the previous backup, so the tool takes less time as only a few items are to be backup.

Schedule Backup

What can be better than this that you do not need to manually initiate a backup of Exchange Server as per your requirement? The software comes with a backup scheduler that lets you schedule backup on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Just schedule the backup and forget it. And, another best option is it comes with an email notification option that informs you about the backups taken, their success, etc. Also, if you need to edit an already configured backup schedule, you can do it without deleting and recreating the current schedule.

Easy to Restore Backup Items

In case you need to restore the backup data, you have options such as restore single or multiple mailboxes or the complete Exchange server. And, the best part of this software is it continues the backup restoration without disturbing the currently active processes/services.

Manual Restoration of Files

In case of a disaster, you can use this feature to get a hold on the data from the backup image. Depending upon what you want to restore, you have options to choose either the complete Exchange Server backup or selected mailboxes. Also, you can update the current Exchange database with this backup.

Log Reports

This feature works automatically when you schedule backup, restore a backup, or when the software automatically processes the backup services based on the schedules you have created, backup status, restoration status, and so on. With the help of these Log reports, you can keep you updated always. And, there are many options to save these log reports in different formats including html, pdf, txt, and csv.

Restore File in Multiple Formats

The Backup created with this tool can be easily restored and it gives various options to restore it. Depending upon the email application you are using select the restore format. With Exchange Backup Tool one can restore files in PST format for Outlook, EML for Windows Mail and MSG format.

Bare Metal Backup and Restore Options

This option comes handy in case of disaster recovery. With this option, you can create a backup of the operating system volume providing security to the crucial data. And, in times of a disaster, you can use it for recovery.

Easy to use Interface

The software avoids the complex methods for file backup and restores and adopt to a simple to use interface. The tool easily backup all the files without any much help, it directs the user at each and every step, so a beginner in Exchange server can use this tool for email backup.

Free Exchange Server Backup Software

The Exchange Server Backup software Trial version gives Exchange Admins an idea about its functions and they learn how to install and use it. Download the Free Exchange Backup Software .


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Use the given steps

  • Start Exchange Backup Softwre and in welcome screen click on Backup button
  • Click on Add button and then enter login details
  • Select the mailbox source and select migration type
  • Click on I am ready to start migration and save them in PST format

A: Follow the steps to restore data

  • Start the software and Click on Resrore
  • Slect the source and add PST file in which backup is stored
  • Select the destination mailabox to restore data
  • Items from backup will be copied to mailboxes

A: The software comes with Schedule manager which let admins to set the backup date and time. When the date arrives the software automatically starts taking backup of file.

A: As per the organization, check time when server is used by least people, now schedule the backup to that time.

A: While taking backup of the file or restoring them the software keeps all records in log file, so if some action result in data loss, then it can be checked from log report and that action can be reveresed to restore data.