With rising in the entertainment industry everyone wants software that can record, play, edit and convert the sound on a single platform. Alvas.Audio C# is a rich set of the library that helps .NET and Visual Basic .Net developers to create excellent media software that allows a proper mixture of sounds, tools that can directly convert the recorded audio without any loss. With support to latest .Net Framework and Visual Studio version the Alvas.The audio library creates efficient sound software that fulfils the user needs like DJ’s, song composers and music bands.

  • Record Uncompressed Audio
  • Play mixed audio data from the stream
  • Mix audio files with various control methods
  • Mixer Control Setup with multiple options
  • Edit/ Insert/ Create/ Remove/ audio files
  • Convert recorded audio in different sound formats
  • Easily integrate with .NET programming

Record various types of file

With Alvas.Audio library C# and VB.Net developer can create an excellent audio tool that can record audio data type IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, CCITT A-Law, CCITT u-Law, GSM 6.10, MPEG Layer-3 (mp3) and others. The library enables to add features to the tool that can record data to any recorder with pause and resume functionality. It can be used to create the progress line in order to get the current sound position.

Create an Amazing Media Player

When the files are recorded, the libraries allow the player to perform the same function as that of the recorder. So, it gives an excellent output of the recorded file. Click anywhere to listen to audio at a particular time and play the major type of sounds like mp3, wav, amr, ogg and many others.

Software with Audio mixture

Most of the android apps and media players come with the option to mix audios and change audio controls like more sound of music than voice or mix the recorded voice in various environment like ‘echo’, ‘Mic Boost’, ‘Pop’, ‘Rock’ and others. The Alvas.Audio C# audio library allows master volume control and mute options.

Edit Playback Options

There is a huge demand of media players that supports audio editing. With several apps like ringtone maker, sound creator, and mind and soul tune player there are various tools in the market. Aval. Audio C# library offers functions by which programmers can develop a media player to join, cut, insert, remove, reverse, split, merge a section of audio files. Easily create audio from the byte array and mix data with specified offset multiple times.

Audio Converter

Including high-quality audios to videos create a major impact on the whole film. A video with low audio is neglected by users so, one can easily convert the one form of audio to another and include in his/her video file. The tool offers several options by which files can be uploaded to the player and mixed with video. Easily convert the WAV, RAW, VOX stream to MP3 for better quality.

Add multiple features

In addition to making changes to the audio file, the Alvas.The audio library can be used to create a tool that views the level of input sound signal, encode and decode Dialogic .vox format data and sign-in library with a strong name. The created library can be added to GAC


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, the Alvas.Audio C# library can be used for such applications as it easily decode and encode the data over network and works fine with minimum latency.

A: There are two options you could try the FormatDetails struct and Parse frequency from FormatName property or simply use WaveFormat.nSamplesPerSec field.


  • Right click on the Toolbox and then click ‘Add Tab’
  • Enter ‘Alvas.Audio’ and select Choose items
  • Browse and add the Alvas.Audio.dll. Click OK